10 Amazing Moments From The Captain America: Civil War Trailer

10 Amazing Moments From The Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my favorite movie of Marvel’s Phase One & Two combined.  It’s perfect as far as I’m concerned.  A gorgeously directed political thriller starring superheroes!

Next year, Marvel launches Phase Three with the anticipated follow up to The Winter Soldier.  Captain America: Civil War.  The conflict in this film has been carefully set up for years.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have never fully seen eye to eye and now, the Marvel Universe is about to split in half.  The first trailer for the film brilliantly establishes the stakes and the consequences for Earth’s mightiest heroes.  It’s full of amazing moments so…

Watch the trailer below 87 times and enjoy them all or Iron Man will punch you in your perfect teeth!

10. Thunderbolt

Right.  So Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk is basically the ugly step child of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.  It’s a solid film but since replacing Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner’s Phase One adventure is rarely acknowledged.

Until now.  Finally we get a substantial connection to that film thanks to William Hurt’s appearance as General Thunderbolt Ross.

9. Falcon Kick

Falcon has been a welcome addition to the MCU and Civil War appears to showcase one of the newest Avenger’s full potential.

One of the main complaints Chris Evans had going into Captain America: The Winter Soldier was Cap’s overall fighting style.  So directors Joe & Anthony Russo helped craft superior fight scenes to heighten the level of action and highlight Cap’s skills.  I’m willing to bet they’ve done the same with Falcon in this film.


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8. Where Are You Going Helicopter?

Steve Rogers has always been mighty but this is really something.  Looks painful…  I make the same face when I’m trying to open a stubborn jar of pickles.

7. Cap 3 NOT Avengers 2.5

Nearly all of the Avengers are featured in Captain America: Civil War but this trailer does a phenomenal job of establishing that this is a follow up to The Winter Soldier.

I think that focus is what will make this one of Marvel’s greatest triumphs.  It would be easy to make Avengers 2.5 but instead they are completing a masterful trilogy of Captain America films.

This is Steve Rogers’ story.

6. Sokovia Accords

This single shot represents the deepest connection to previous films.  The events in The Avengers: Age of Ultron proved to the leaders of the world that enhanced humans must be controlled.

It’s a very real issue in the MCU and a direct catalyst for the events of Civil War.

5. Black Panther

Disney appears to be taking the ‘Luke Skywalker‘ approach and holding back main characters we can’t wait to see.  Namely, the newly re-re-rebooted wall crawler, Spider-Man.

However, we DO get to see Black Panther in action for the first time and he looks awesome.

4. Perfect Teeth

Tony Stark has always been an arrogant man but he’s also saved the world about 17 times so people accept it.

Some of the greatest exchanges in all of Marvel’s movies are between Stark and Rogers.  Now we get an entire movie filled with amazing lines like:

“Sometimes, I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.”

3. Team Captain America

I’m sure Ant-Man is around somewhere in this shot.  Either way, I’m excited about where and when this battle is set.  It’s a big open space and it’s a bright sunny day.  That makes for some incredible shots of super-powered action.

My guess is this sequence is the penultimate clash between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America before they realize who the real villains are.

2. Super Friendship

This trailer makes no mention of the actual villains in the story.  (Baron Zemo, Crossbones etc…)  They don’t need too.  The conflict between Iron Man and Steve Rogers is emotional, dramatic and certainly complicated.

Sure there will be incredible action sequences but it’s the character moments that truly resonate.  This moment encapsulates everything I’m excited too see in Civil War.


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1. Captain America & The Winter Soldier VS Iron Man

What.  A.  Beat down…

Iron Man is exceptionally outmatched here and his failed relationship with Steve makes this more heartbreaking.

Also it’s really cool.


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