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10 Amazing Nerdy Soundtracks: Music For Your Pointy Ears

10 Amazing Nerdy Soundtracks: Music For Your Pointy Ears

GoldenEye (Nintendo 64)

This was the soundtrack to a solid few years of my life. The amount of time spent playing 4-player split-screen GoldenEye on on a television screen the size of your standard computer monitor is unknown. But it is definitely a lot.

I was so interested and entertained by the soundtrack that I went out and bought the original film score to GoldenEye thinking it would be virtually identical.

I was way off.

Nevertheless, this video game soundtrack ranks among my top favorites of all time. (The elevator music track is fantastic!)

Star Wars (John Williams)

Does anything REALLY have to be said here?

Yes, it’s a given. It’s one of MANY memorable and all-time classic themes the great John Williams has composed.

I distinctly remember getting the soundtracks to the original trilogy as gifts after the Special Edition movies came out and they are still some of my most treasured cd’s. (Yes. Compact Discs!)

Halo (1-3) (Martin O’Donnell)

Video game soundtracks have come a long way since the early Nintendo days. They are given just as much attention as motion picture soundtracks, if not more. Full orchestras. Choirs. And that is no more evident than with Martin O’Donnell’s creations for the first three Halo games.

With soaring themes and intense battle arrangements, O’Donnell creates the perfect musical accompaniment to the Master Chief’s journey. Just as with movies and music, you can picture playing different parts of the game as soon as you hear the music.

O’Donnell’s theme has become (Halo-themed pun intended) Legendary.

Batman (Various)

There have been several contributors to the the music of theatrical Batman over the years. Each one brought their own distinct theme – and all of them work perfectly. Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard have all put their own spin on it.

One aspect shared by all is a dark, brooding undertone. But they work, because every time you hear them you instantly think of the Caped Crusader – staying in the shadows and yet fighting the forces of evil.

Star Trek (Various)

With the amount of Star Trek films and television series’ out there, it’s safe to say that there have been MANY contributors to the Star Trek sound.

With several different themes and a number of composers, there aren’t many that are more instantly recognizable than the works of Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. Goldsmith’s contributions to Trek were considerable, and while Horner worked on only two Trek films, they both had a great impact. You can’t talk about the brilliance of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (often noted as the best Star Trek movie made) without mentioning Horner’s amazing soundtrack that accompanied it.

No nerdy soundtrack collection would be complete without some kind of Trek involved, regardless of which film or series it came from.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Brad Fiedel)

Sure, we all know the main theme – but what about the rest of the score?

Fiedel’s music for T2 was just as important as Arnold playing the Terminator or having James Cameron behind the camera. Can you picture any of the scenes with the T-1000 without that haunting music behind it? Fiedel knew when to ramp up the emotion, and when to drain it completely to represent an unfeeling, focused machine set on one goal.

The music for Terminator 2: Judgement Day may be one of the more underrated action film scores out there.

Predator (Alan Silvestri)

Think of the fantastic music that was composed for Back to the Future. (A soundtrack that could easily be on this list.) Time travel, Doc Brown….now go forward a few years to 1987. There is an alien creature in the jungle making hamburger out of people and a special team of commandos led by Arnold Schwarzenegger is sent in to stop it. Who should we get to create a soundtrack for this explosive action flic?

They same man who created the music for Back to the Future, obviously.

Alan Silvestri. How’s that for range? His themes and music for Predator is one of a kind and a true classic.

Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo)

The Super Mario Brothers music has become a part of pop culture. It has become cell phone ringtones. Anyone can hear that theme and instantly know where it is from. It calls back to a simpler time, a time of collecting gold coins, jumping through tubes and rescuing Princesses…it is by definition: a classic.

LOST (Michael Giacchino)

You really have to hand it to Michael Giacchino for the work he did on LOST. From the very first shot of the series when Jack opens his eye; the ominous, myseterious music that accompanied that image was just the start of things to come.

With so many key characters came so many character themes, and each one was distinctive and effective. LOST would be known to cut out all the background noise from time to time and just let Giacchino’s music carry a scene, which is a true testament to just how good his score was. One of the best examples is the launch of the raft to end Season 1. That scene contained some of the most moving music of the entire series.

Game of Thrones (Ramin Djawadi)

Sure, the whole world knows Ramin Djawadi’s main theme to Game of Thrones. But what about the rest of the music he creates for the show?

Djawadi has been responsible for practically a full motion picture score as many as ten times in a calendar year. For several consecutive years! Can you imagine watching Game of Thrones without all the outstanding music to accompany it? It wouldn’t be the same experience. Like most great television, the music to accompany it is what puts it over the top and into “all-time favorite” status.

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