10 Bad Ass Moments From The NEW Batman v Superman Trailer! (Doomsday!)

10 Bad Ass Moments From The NEW Batman v Superman Trailer! (Doomsday!)

The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is here!  First of all, it’s amazing but doesn’t it feel like it’s giving a lot away?  (Part of me wishes they took a page out of The Force Awakens’ big book of marketing)

…Who am I kidding!? Batman v Superman is going to be an action packed mega blockbuster!

Let’s go to the video tape!

10.  The Devil

I had my doubts about Lex Luther but he’s got to be unhinged to think THIS is a good idea:

9. Flying Monster Things?

Is this the Star Wars/DC crossover we never knew we always wanted?  Watto has come to the DC Extended Universe!  In other news, what the hell are those things?

8. Three Syllable Words

All right, I’m officially sold on Jesse Einsenberg’s potential as a major villain in the DCEU.  This moment also showcases Lois Lane.  Remember her?  She’s in this movie too!

7. Freaks Dressed Like Clowns

I love this line.  A single sentence represents so much history for the rebooted Caped Crusader.  Also, it’s a good burn.

6. Clark Kent vs Bruce Wayne

I hope Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is full of exchanges like these.  Although, I find it hard to believe that Clark Kent…  Daily Planet reporter…  Resident of Metropolis, the sister city of Gotham…  Doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is?


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5. Stay Down

A lot of people have complained about the ending of Man of Steel but you can’t change it now.  Superman is capable of snapping the necks of his enemies.  Especially enemies as ruthless as General Zod.

‘If I wanted it, you’d be dead already’

Obviously, he’s not going to snap Batman’s neck but the line itself is PART of this new Superman’s codexy DNA now.  No going back.

4. I Thought She Was With You

Right.  So this dark movie will have some comedic moments but I must applaud Ben Affleck here.  He sounds great as Batman.

3. Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

Here it is.  The match up comic book fans have waited so long to see.  Batman vs Superman!

I do have one question…  In order to even the playing field, Bruce Wayne uses kick ass body armor to fight the Man of Steel.  Where is this armor when Doomsday arrives?

2. Justice-y Trio

I just remembered we are ALSO getting a two part Justice League movie!


…  I just cried a little bit.

1. Doomsday

We all knew Batman and Superman would eventually team up in the end but I didn’t think we would see the REAL threat until the FINAL trailer arrives sometime in late February.  (Just guessing)

Still, I couldn’t be happier that Doomsday is confirmed.  I’m not completely sold on his look yet but doesn’t this all but guarantee Superman will die?  My guess is Doomsday kills Superman showing Batman the Man of Steel was not to be feared.

All the scenes at the end of this trailer could be post resurrection.

It also looks like the battle of Metropolis was only the beginning of the destruction.  Doomsday vs Batman vs Superman vs Wonder Woman is happening!  What an amazing battle it will be!


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