10 Batman v Superman Questions Justice League Must Answer

10 Batman v Superman Questions Justice League Must Answer

10. A DC Film With Organic World Building?

I didn’t like the forced Justice League cameos in Batman v Superman.  I’m willing to accept The Flash’s confusing visit to Bruce Wayne.  But the rest felt… off…  Why?  Because they didn’t actually set up anything!  With the exception of some Motherbox elements in Cyborg’s vignette, we really didn’t get anything except confirmation that the characters exist.  The audience already knew that.  In the end, what was probably meant to be fan service wound up bloating BvS beyond the acceptable limits of coherent storytelling.  We didn’t get a Batman versus Superman film.  We got a Justice League prologue.  To be honest, that’s perfectly fine as long as Justice League makes good on some BvS promises.

Justice League is free from the handcuffs of world building.  The can gradually build up characters rather than forcing them into sequences we didn’t need.  Yes, Aquaman can swim.  Now we get to meet him and see his world.  The Flash can be properly introduced outside of convenience store security footage.  Batman is free of his anger towards Superman and can focus on being a hero again.  Obviously, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with Wonder Woman and we’ve seen her world.

Moreso, we don’t have to interrupt a storyline to present a flashback/vision establishing the Parademons from Apokalips, Batman fighting Superman’s soldiers and the chest punch heard round the bat cave.  (Does anyone really believe we will even see this future come to fruition?)

9. How Will The BvS Tone Shift Affect Justice League?

Let’s step outside Justice League’s story for a moment.  One of the biggest questions I have centers on the film’s overall tone.  Batman v Superman was dark, bleak and full of brooding heroes.  Justice League by definition should be a synonym for hope.  So the filmmakers promised to lighten things up.  It’s evident in the film’s trailers that comedy will take a larger role in the DCEU moving forward.  My question is, how far will they push it?

Joss Whedon created amazing Superhero moments in Marvel’s The Avengers.  Many revolved around humor.  With Whedon taking over the helm from Zack Snyder, can we expect even more humor than they originally intended?  Personally, I think the tone shift will work for this movie.  I just wonder whether the film will sit alongside BvS and Suicide Squad in comparison.

8. What is Lex Luthor’s Fate?

When we last left Lex, he was bald and borderline mad in a prison cell.  But he has a lot of information about the invaders from Apokalips and the universe as a whole.  Superman is dead and threats from above are poised to strike.  Lex’s connection to Kryptonian technology, knowledge and his brief (deleted) scene with a motherbox gives him a ton of expository ammunition.

However, there are rumors that Luthor will be cut from Justice League all together.  It may or may not be true but his presence is too big to go unmentioned.  Where will the DCEU brainstrust take the character next?

7. Where is The Green Lantern Corps?

The first full trailer for Justice League featured the ominous voice of Steppenwolf setting up the Earth as a defenseless world.

“No protectors here.  No Lanterns.  No Kryptonian…”

The Green Lantern Corps exists and they have to be aware of Earth.  Even if they weren’t aware, the arrival of Steppenwolf and the threat of Darkseid should tip them off.  So where are they?  Does Earth’s Lantern exist in this universe yet?

6. Why/When Did The Flash Visit Bruce?

The biggest question I have regarding this BvS scene is whether or not we will see the events leading up to it.  Will The Flash decide in Justice League to travel back in time to warn Bruce sooner?

If Superman comes back in a black suit fighting for the wrong side, it’s a good reason for The Flash to go back but we’ve seen Bruce’s reaction…  He does gather the Justice League…

If Lois is the key, then what action did The Flash hope to inspire in Bruce?  This scene better not simply vanish narratively speaking.  That’s all I’m saying.

5. What Are The Motherboxes?

There is a very clear flashback to the middle ages (?) in the trailers where men are burying a motherbox.  Presumably, that is the box that transforms Cyborg in BvS.  We already know another motherbox is with The Amazonians.  The third box in located deep the the heart of Atlantis.

But what are they?  How did they get to Earth?  What is their purpose?

The comic books tell one story.  How will the DCEU incorporate these powerful objects into their universe?

4. How Does Superman Return?

Dirt moving on a coffin is one thing.  But how does Superman come back?  How long will it take before he reveals himself to the world again?

We all know he’ll return and join the Justice League in their darkest hour but will he be the cause?  Will the Motherboxes be involved?  Will Steppenwolf be involved?

3. How Does Clark Kent return?

Perhaps the more interesting questions surround Clark.  He has a tombstone.  How will his return be explained?  A simple disappearance?  A miracle?

2. Will We See Darkseid?

Justice League is a monumental film achievement whether you enjoy the DCEU films or not.  The question is, how will it continue?  Darkseid is clearly DC’s long game but will they reveal the foe now?  Will he be the big bad in Justice League 2?  Marvel played an extreme long game with their big bad Thanos.  Given the rushed world building in BvS, I’d say it’s almost a guarantee Darkseid is up next.  Which means the seeds have to be planted in 2017 when DC unites the seven.

1. What is Superman’s Place in the World?

Superman’s existence on Earth was revealed when General Zod arrived to destroy it.  Their epic battle yielded unfathomable death and destruction for the citizens of Metropolis and Gotham.  The result was a divided populace unsure of the threat Superman could pose.  Unsure if the Man of Steel should be worshiped or feared.

Now he’s presumed dead and the world mourns him.  Once Steppenwolf attacks, many of the doubters will wish their Man of Steel was alive to save them.  Perhaps this theme is the very reason Warner Bros haven’t announced Man of Steel 2?  Superman is much bigger than a solo film.  He’s global now.  I suppose the even bigger question is what is the Justice League’s place in the world?

SIDE NOTE: If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll need MoS 2 to establish Brainiac.  (The obvious villain to succeed Darkseid in my opinion.)

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