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10 Crazy & Not So Crazy Video Game Predictions For 2018

10 Crazy & Not So Crazy Video Game Predictions For 2018

The slow ‘post holiday’ video game season is over and big games are right around the corner but there is still a lot we don’t know about the gaming industry in 2018.

Sony has a seemingly never ending string of AAA exclusives on the way.  Nintendo has skyrocketed back to relevance with the Switch.  Microsoft has completed their hardware revision and shifted their focus back to games.

There are also a ton of questions surrounding the industry.  How will Loot boxes regulate themselves this year?  Can esports push further into the mainstream?  How many big titles will get delayed THIS YEAR?

Here are 10 things on our wish list for stories we want to become a reality in 2018!

DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Revealed (Finally)

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is a complete mystery despite releasing three huge trailers in the last two years.  I don’t think there’s ever been a project like this.  How can you release three trailers yet reveal absolutely nothing about the game?

The obvious question?  What’s the gameplay like!?  I think the answer will be revealed on SONY’s stage at E3 this year.  We will finally get an on stage demo or an in-engine trailer featuring gameplay footage.

NINTENDO Unveils “Majora’s Mask” Style Sequel To BotW

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains one of the greatest achievements in video game history.  The Big N followed up that success using all of Ocarina’s assets to produce Majora’s Mask.  It wasn’t nearly as good as its predecessor but it was another phenomenal game.

I think Nintendo will take a similar approach to a sequel to Breath of the Wild.  They pulled out all the stops releasing a new Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart in the Switch’s first year.  I can’t imagine those franchises will stay dormant until the inevitable ‘Super Switch’ is revealed in a couple years.  Nintendo also can’t risk a development cycle more than 2-3 years unless they have an aggressive slate of original IP on the way.

Breath of the Wild was in development long enough to ensure the systems and gameplay mechanics were flawless.  They can simply reuse the assets and produce a ‘different’ sequel for early 2020?  Best guess?

I suppose the issue would divide fans.  Would you rather wait years (and years) for another Zelda built from the ground up?  Or get a sequel to a nearly perfect game sooner with the same engine?


Microsoft has an obvious issue.  They just announced in house AAA titles will be available on their GamePass service day and date alongside the retail versions.  $10 dollars a month for big titles like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and Forza sounds pretty good considering the wealth of Xbox One and 360 titles already available.

But they need a lot more than that to sustain the service and their platform in the future.  With their focus back to games, rumors are all over the web about studio acquisitions, IP pickups and more.

In addition to buying exclusivity, a new Fable is ‘basically’ announced from developer Playground.  There might be a new Perfect Dark game in development.  That could be something considering Zero wasn’t really the sequel we hoped it would be.  Let’s not forget about the inevitable Halo 6 and Gears 5 announcements coming soon.

But we already know those franchises.  For Microsoft to put a seriously late generation dent in Playstation’s sizeable ‘exclusives’ lead, they need NEW games.  Not just one new franchise either.  A BUNCH!  They need more brand new ideas like Rare’s Sea of Thieves.  Exclusive experiences you can’t play anywhere else.

PUBG was a big step but that window of exclusivity may not last forever…  Not too mention the reaction of the industry has already begun with Fortnite leading the way and even Grand Theft Auto launching a Battle Royale mode.

So what’s next for Microsoft?  I think this year’s E3 will be incredibly interesting for House Xbox.

SUPER MARIO BROS Remastered Collection Revealed

If Nintendo does announce a Netflix style virtual console for Switch this line of wishful thinking may be wasted.  BUT…  I’d love to see it happen someday.

I want one game collection that includes:

  1. Super Mario Bros.
  2. Super Mario Bros 2
  3. Super Mario Bros 3
  4. Super Mario World
  5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Start there.  Add in Lost Levels and some of the Super Mario Land content and you’ve really got something.  I don’t just want a re-release collection.  I want fully remastered games identical to the originals but that’s not all…  I also want new worlds, levels and timed challenges for all of them.  New hidden areas and collectibles wouldn’t hurt either.  I’d even take that idea further and have collectibles connect throughout the games.  The more titles you beat, the more unlockables you earn.

BETHESDA’S Elder Scrolls VI Is A 2019 Game

File this prediction under ‘PROBABLY IMPOSSIBLE(?)’ but I can wish can’t I?

Bethesda unveiled Fallout 4 a mere 4 months before it was released in 2015.  The Elder Scrolls VI is clearly next and we still know nothing about the game.  I’m not completely unrealistic.  There’s no way a new Elder Scrolls game is coming in 2018 but I’m not sure my brain is capable of waiting until 2020 for the next Skyrim.

I want Bethesda to end their conference at E3 this year with a teaser trailer that ends with 4 magic numbers:



The original Battletoads is one of the hardest games of all time.  But still so GOOD!

With Sea of Thieves out of their system, a smaller team at RARE could easily tackle a sequel.  The question is, what would a Battletoads sequel look like?  Fully 3D?  Side scrolling beat em up?

No matter how they approach development, they can easily add the original in the retail package for new fans of the series.  It’s already part of RARE Replay after all.

New Battletoads in 2018.  Go!

Huge CYBERPUNK 2077 Info Released By CD PROJEKT RED 

CD Projekt Red is coming off the massive success of The Witcher 3.  Understandably, they’re taking their time with Cyberpunk 2077.  The world is rumored to be even bigger than that of Witcher 3 and features a setting I can’t wait to explore.

But the first teaser trailer was released way back in 2013…  That’s a long time…

I think this is the year we finally get to see what CD Projekt Red has been working on aside from dominating the RPG landscape with the Witcher series.

Graphics Card Prices Finally Settle

I built my first gaming PC early in 2017 and I’m beyond relieved I got my GTX 1070 before the prices exploded amidst the cryptocurrency craze.

Graphics card prices are now doubled in many cases.  IF you can actually find a graphics card on store shelves in the first place.  Miners are buying them up non stop.  Who knows when the market for Bitcoin and Ethereum will settle?  All I know is, if I was building a PC in 2018, I don’t think I would be able to build a great system given the GPU and RAM prices today.

So I wish for prices to finally relax and come back down to Earth…


Forget the esports world and the impact of Starcraft & Starcraft II.  Forget about World of Warcraft and the groundbreaking success of the legendary MMO.

I want a new Warcraft RTS.  I’m not concerned with esports and competitive balance.  (Although it will be included and WILL be awesome.)

I just want Warcraft 4.  I want a brand new story highlighted by stellar campaigns, new units, abilities and more.

Warcraft 4 needs to exist Blizzard!  Just announce it all right?  …  ALL RIGHT!?

SONY Buys Metal Gear License From KONAMI

Easily the most unrealistic prediction on this list.  Especially with Konami set to release Metal Gear Survive this year.  A game I have zero interest in unfortunately.

Much has been written about Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and Konami’s divorce.  The way the company handled it in the public eye was incredibly disrespectful to Kojima.  (Keeping him silent, not allowing public appearances etc…)

We may never know the full story of how/why Hideo Kojima split but he’s the head of his own studio now and Death Stranding looks…  like a game?

But here’s the thing.  I absolutely adored Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  I’ve never sat down to really rank my top 10 games of all time but MGSV is all but guaranteed to rank highly.  It may have a shot at the top spot if I’m being honest.

I can’t imagine another Metal Gear game without Kojima’s wild mind behind the wheel.  No doubt, Konami will create another Metal Gear game at some point but why not go a different way?  Why not mend fences.  Sell the license to SONY and create some kind of Marvel/Sony/Spider-Man type deal.

Give Kojima back the franchise to develop a sequel free from interference.  Sony can act as a middle man and we can have a new Metal Gear game in 2023…  2024…  That’s a long time.

In reality, Konami will probably create Metal Gear Solid VI on their own without Kojima’s input.  By then, I hope the scars heal in the general public’s eyes.  It’s a tough situation for such an amazing franchise.

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