10 EPIC Gaming PC Builds

10 EPIC Gaming PC Builds

Tech Titans: 10 Amazing Desk Setups

Tech Titans: 10 Amazing Desk Setups

Rise of the Content Creator

Rise of the Content Creator

A few months ago, I started (slowly) collecting components for my first PC build.  I wanted to create something worth showing off with carefully selected parts.  These parts have to look good AND pack a punch so it’s a process but one I’m thoroughly enjoying.

However, I’ve never put a PC together and at first, I planned on paying for someone ELSE to put it together once I had all my components.  It’s intimidating.  I’ve always been a giant tech nerd so I understand each component and why they are powerful. But assembling those components seemed impossible…  So I started seeking out tutorials on YouTube to get a sense of what it takes to put together a kick ass gaming rig.

I eventually stumbled across an entire world dedicated to custom PCs.  It truly is a vibrant community full of enthusiasts who have built stunning technological works of art.  So I’ve decided to collect 10 insane builds here!

I’ve featured full Desk Setups in the past but this post is focused entirely on PCs.  Here are the rules.

#1 The video has to be relatively new.  I limited my picks to within 12 months or so.

#2 The video has to show at least some part of the build.  This is a learning exercise after all.

#3 The PC has to be a beast AND look great.

Let’s get to the beasts!

XTRA | PC Junkie Mods Build Next Level PCs

10. Frostbite | Uncle Bob

‘Frostbite’ is built on an X99 motherboard featuring two GTX 980 ti graphics card powered by an Intel 5930K.

The video is well put with various timelapse sequences scattered throughout.  However, a mic would have made a huge difference.  However, this is as in depth as it gets.  If you’re looking to build a machine on your own ‘Uncle Bob’ doesn’t skip a step.

9. Walter White | Science Studio

This PC gets big points for going the extra mile and actually painting parts that don’t match.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around cable management let alone manually taking graphics cards apart!  Still, this is a great looking PC with enough power to blast through productivity and gaming needs.

8. $7000 4K Gaming | Super Gaming Family

This isn’t necessarily a build video since the PC is fully assembled elsewhere but this video still goes through each component with useful information if you’re really planning a monster build.

This rig is running with an Intel i7 6950X processor!  That processor alone is worth more than other PCs featured on this list!  Whew….  That’s a lot of processing power.

7. Z170 Gaming PC | Asus

Another awesome black and white color scheme! The case is also gigantic and I wish the side panel featured more glass. BUT this machine is pretty powerful considering all the parts were purchased for just over $1000.

Where this video shines is how well the host JJ explains every step of the process.  From a production standpoint, this video is extremely well put together showing you the best angles of every step.

6. $3500 Gaming Build | Paul’s Hardware

This is a re-post of a live stream done by Paul’s Hardware.  If you were thinking about building your own high end PC this is the first video I would recommend to watch.  You can follow along in real time and truly get a sense of what it takes to put together a masterpiece.

The PC itself is overshadowed by prettier builds on this list but this is a multi camera video that shows the entire process in depth.  That counts for a lot.

5. Red Mist | JayzTwoCents

‘Red Mist’ is a beautiful machine highlighted by a custom water cooling loop with dyed liquid to match the rest of the build.  The rest of the PC is state of the art featuring custom…  Everything.

The video I included is a Q&A where JayzTwoCents answers questions about the completed build.  But you can search his channel to see how the rest of it comes together.  (I included Episode 1 to get you started)

4. Black Ice | Dom Esposito

This video is short.

Okay now that the negatives are out of the way ‘Black Ice’ is a beautiful monster!  The system features a ridiculous Intel i7 5960X processor with two Titan X graphics cards running in SLI.  It has 64GB of ram and packs a serious punch in the hard drive bay as well.

Most of all, this PC is gorgeous with amazing lighting and perfectly matched components.  Big bonus points for production value in the video.

3. Galledex | TechSource

From a production standpoint, this is a fantastic video.  Well shot, well produced, well edited.  Oh and it features an AMAZING green and white build that looks incredible.

The build features two GTX 1080 graphics cards and the i7 6950X processor.  The rest of the components are equally powerful but it’s the extra mile that makes this PC ridiculous.  This rig features brilliant custom cables, painted components and even crazy stickers to cover colors that do not match.

It all comes together beautifully.  The video itself isn’t the most in depth but it makes up for it by punching you in the face with color coordinated bliss.

2. Extreme $15000 Build | KittyPlays

This is a four hour live stream that shows the real time assembly of an absolute beast.  Four…  FOUR Titan X grapics cards!?

All in this PC cost $15,000 and is certainly overkill for most people but who cares!  This thing is ridiculous!

1. 7 Gamers / 1 PC | LinusTechTips

What’s MORE ridiculous then a $15,000 PC?  How about a $30,000 PC capable of servicing 7 gamers simultaneously!


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Building The Base

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