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10 Hilarious Seinfeld References That Transcend The Show

10 Hilarious Seinfeld References That Transcend The Show

Seinfeld is a part of me.  Every episode.  Every character.  Every hilarious and wonderful moment.  There will never be another Seinfeld.  Now, I usually assume that everyone LOVES Seinfeld and that’s because I choose not to acknowledge incorrect opinions.

You don’t have to be obsessed with the show (like we are here at Nerd Infinite) to truly appreciate it’s impact on pop culture to this day.  Which is why I’ve compiled a list of Seinfeld references that NON fans can appreciate.  It’s been nearly twenty years since we said goodbye to one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.  Yet here we are, still quoting, still referencing and still enjoying the reruns.  (Side note…  Is it just me or does syndication easily beat owning the series on DVD.  You never know what episode it will be!)

On with the list.  By the way, if you know 10/10 of these you should probably just admit you like the show and stop pretending it’s not the best.  The BEST!

10. Giddy Up!

Someone took the time to make a super cut video of Kramer saying giddy up.  Watch it.  Cherish it.

9. They’re Real & They’re Spectacular

A good Seinfeld reference is versatile.  You can quote the moments straight up but the best references sneak up on your audience.  For example:  ‘They’re real and they’re spectacular’ doesn’t have to refer exclusively to Teri Hatcher’s…  Girls.  It can be anything.  I find the quote works well with food items like melons.  APPLES!  I meant apples…

8. Serenity Now

I played basketball in college with a guy who yelled ‘serenity now’ after fouling out of a game.  Proof that Seinfeld brings people together?  Someone in the stands yelled back ‘Hey you want to buy a computer!?’  He replied ‘No’ and received an aggressive ‘Why not!?’ in return.  Genius.

Selling a computer has NOTHING to do with basketball but on that day…  It did…  It did…

7. Master Of My Domain

‘Well, I’m out!’  A classic quote I used NEARLY every time I lose a big game in any sport, board game or video game.  Versatility.

6. Shrinkage

Shrinkage has been around since the first humans invented self confidence.  But Seinfeld made it a big thing.  (Not a little thing mind you…  A big thing.)

5. Yada, Yada, Yada

Raise your hand if you ever ‘Yada, Yada’d’ over the best part?  In a matter unrelated to this post, I tried lobster bisque once… Didn’t care for it.

4. Hello Newman!

Today saying hello to a friend in this manner isn’t an insult.  It’s a sign of respect.

3. Kramer’s Entrance

Raise your hand if you ever tried a Kramer entrance and ran into a locked door…  Don’t be shy, you’re among friends here.

2. Festivus

I don’t know about you but I look forward to displaying feats of strength every single December 23rd.  Also I air my grievances all year round so really, every day is Festivus.

1. The Soup Nazi

The infamous Soup Nazi.  You may have never seen an episode of Seinfeld but chances are ‘no soup for you’ is a quote you’re familiar with.  If it’s not I think you should start with episode #1 and don’t you dare stop until you work your way to episode #180.


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