10 Incredible Moments From Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

10 Incredible Moments From Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

Marvel FINALLY released the full trailer for Captain America: Civil War and it is spectacular.  Clocking in at 2.5 minutes, the action packed trailer gives us a glimpse of many big battles.

But the real showstopper here is the official arrival of The Amazing Spider-Man to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Once again, we get very little ‘actual’ villains beyond a shot of Crossbones punching Cap.  Where is Baron Zemo!?

It’s also crazy to see Gen. Ross recap all the destruction that the Avengers have caused and he only references three movies! (The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron) They didn’t even mention London (Thor: The Dark World) It’s a nice reminder of how many fantastic movies Marvel has delivered.

Check out our complete breakdown of the new trailer below.

XTRA | Watch the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War here.

10. I Can Do This All Day

This moment is a fantastic throwback to ‘tiny’ Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger.  Having said that, he’s defending himself from bullies in that film.  Here he’s facing Tony Stark…  Interesting…

9. Black Panther vs The Winter Soldier

Black Panther really wants to get his claws on the Winter Soldier.  They are fighting throughout this trailer.  What the hell did you do Bucky!?

8. Ant-Man Rides Hawkeye’s Arrow

Ant-Man has clearly endeared himself to members of Team Captain America.  I expect a lot of playful ‘combos’ like this during the big battles.

7. You Just Started A War

What a war it will be…

6. War Machine Out

Some may consider this a spoiler and to a certain extent I agree.  Take this moment out of the trailer and you still understand Tony’s motivations for going against Captain America.  But the trailer is so much better WITH the inclusion of this moment.  If Rhodes is dead, he most certainly won’t be the only one to fall.

5. Scarlett Witch vs The Vision

Two superpower beings who got their powers from the same Infinity Stone. In the comics, these two characters form a very strong relationship.  Will we see hints of that in Civil War?  At least before this battle between the two?

Rumor has it Vision will depart Earth following the events of Civil War.  Recent reports also suggest we will see the limitations of his powers while Scarlett Witch will learn just how powerful she is.  If this shot is any indication, Scarlett Witch will be an extremely dangerous yet conflicted member of Team Cap.

4. Stark’s Underwater Superhero Prison

In the comics, Tony Stark creates a superhero prison in an alternate dimension.  That’s obviously not possible within the Russo’s realistic approach but it’s nice to see the spirit of the comics lives on.

This prison will no doubt be a huge sticking point for Steve Rogers.

Also, Tony looks pretty guilty here.  But why?

3. Iron Man vs Captain America

This is a Captain America movie and his relationships with Tony and Bucky will be front and center.  This shot proves we will see Iron Man and Cap go head to head multiple times.  I can’t wait to see the emotional ramifications from these altercations. (Snuck in a couple 12+ letter words in that sentence…)

2. Avengers Collide

I’m a sucker for epic shots like these.  I’m so happy they shot this sequence during the day so we can all see what’s happening.  My guess is this battle closes out the second act before the real villains take over.  But I’m wrong a lot soooo….

1. Introducing Spider-Man!

We were all running out of patience Tony!  Underoos!!!

I’ll be honest, I’m not overly fond of the look especially the mechanical eyes and the tiny spider emblem but it’s Spider-Man!  It’s Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

Side note: Notice the Black Widow standing behind Captain America in this sequence?  Did she switch sides causing Tony to call in the web head?

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