10 Memorable Movie Characters Who Love Video Games

10 Memorable Movie Characters Who Love Video Games

This list is dedicated to anyone who grew up with video game systems in their basements.  People who threw controllers when they just couldn’t beat Battletoads. People who spent hours seeking out every collectible and finding every secret level.  People who trash talked their friends during intense multiplayer wars.

The movie characters listed below are just like us.  They love video games and we can all relate to that!



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‘Charlie’ Reign Over Me (Adam Sandler)

I could have chosen Adam’s Sandler’s character in 2015’s Pixels…  But I won’t.  Instead I’m picking his character in Reign Over Me.  A character who plays video games as a form of therapy.  Video games won’t solve your problems but sometimes, it’s nice to escape into the world of your favorite video game.

‘Galaga Guy’ Marvel’s The Avengers

Two possibilities make Galaga Guy awesome.

#1 – Loki is about to unleash an army and take over the world.  He’s surrounded by super humans and Gods.  Yet still, he’s playing Galaga.  Cool, calm and collected.

#2 – He’s a total bad ass at whatever job he’s supposed to do.  He has everything under control and total confidence to switch over to a classic arcade game.

What do you think holds more value to him.  Beating his high score or being called out by Tony ‘freaking’ Stark!

‘Marty McFly’ Back To The Future (Michael J. Fox)

It is most certainly NOT a baby’s toy you little jerk!  How dare you belittle Wild Gunman! Especially in the presence of a crack shot!

‘Shaun & Ed’ Shaun of the Dead (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost)

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and joining your best friend in a game of Timesplitters.  If that’s not dedication, how about playing video games with your UNDEAD best friend in a shed?

‘Jimmy Woods’ The Wizard (Luke Edwards)

How can you make a list like this and NOT include the Wizard.  Especially with the film’s epic Super Mario 3 showdown!

‘Andy’ The 40 Year Old Virgin (Steve Carell)

Come on sucka!!!!

Andy man may live a relatively solo existence when The 40 Year Old Virgin begins but that video game chair is pre-tty sweet.

Special Mention has to go to Andy’s friends David and Cal and their Mortal Kombat skills.

‘Gary’ The Break Up (Vince Vaughan)

“I’m a gentlemen.  I like to be humble.  I’m old school, I don’t like to talk a lot but at the same time am I talented?”

There’s nothing worse than getting beat by a subtle trash talker.  Vince Vaughan plays Madden like no other movie character could.

Brodie (Mallrats) Jason Lee

Who needs breakfast?

Be honest.  You’ve paused a game because you couldn’t lose your progress yet HAD to go to sleep.

‘Evan’ Superbad (Michael Cera)

“Why did they make that if you can’t even… win…”

I know I don’t speak for everyone but I’ve thrown controllers.  When things got really bad I would squeeze my original NES controller to the point where it would twist.  I can still hear that plastic contort.  Damn you Battletoads level 9 and your stupid terra tubes!!!!!

‘Trent’ Swingers (Vince Vaughan)

Roenick is money baby!

What's Your Favorite Video Game Movie Moment?

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