10 Movies That Could Exist Inside The Matrix Shared Universe

10 Movies That Could Exist Inside The Matrix Shared Universe

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies of all time.  It’s a brilliant achievement in cinematic perfection.  A harmony of mathematical precision, if you will…

Rumors of a 4th Matrix film have been swirling ever since Agent Smith realized everything that has a beginning has an end.  Now that Warner Bros is officially developing (keyword: developing) a new Matrix film, I’m not sure I know what to think.  Could a Matrix sequel succeed?  Honestly, I’m less excited in a potential reboot and more interested in the idea of a Matrix Shared Universe.

The Wachowski Siblings creating an immense and rich world full of intriguing mythology.  A lot of that mythology was left unexplored.  Even with projects like The Animatrix, Enter the Matrix, comic books and more expanding the established canon.  The current rumor details plans to start a brain trust of creative people to drive The Matrix franchise forward.  It’s a system Marvel pioneered to great success.  Now we have groups of dedicated filmmakers and writers overseeing the DC Extended Universe, the Transformers Universe, a ‘monster-verse’ featuring King Kong and Godzilla, a separate monster-verse exploring The Mummy, Dracula and so much more.  Not to mention the behemoth known as Star Wars.

What would a Matrix Cinematic Universe look like?  The possibilities are endless!  #redpill

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10. Deleted

The story of a program in The Matrix struggling to avoid deletion and a robot in the machine world trying to find his place in the world.  I would set this drama between The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions to show the machine’s perspective of the world coming to an end.

9. Morpheus

An obvious choice.  This is the Han Solo of spinoff potential for The Matrix Shared Universe.  The movie begins with him waking up.  He witnesses untold destruction at the hands of the machines and in his hour of desperation, he turns to The Oracle.  Wait…  Is Michael B. Jordan playing young Morpheus!?  This is also a fantastic opportunity to reintroduce Trinity.

8. Unplugged

A man wakes up in a power plant and must remain hidden while machines hunt him.  What is he after?  And why did he wake up in the first place?  The answers are coming…

I picture this as an Alien movie with Squiddies instead of Xenomorphs.  We live in a fantastic time for R Rated movies thanks to monumental successes like Deadpool & Logan.  Why not set an R Rated thriller inside (or outside in this case) The Matrix Universe?

7. Zion V2

Expand The Matrix Universe to include…  Another Zion?  A secret location unknown to both the humans AND the machines that exists outside the main storyline.  This could be a world not unlike Bioshock’s Rapture.  A world where humans push forward in the fields of science and technology and make the same mistakes that led to the creation of AI in the first place.  What part does this second city play in the larger universe?  Will they stand up and fight?

6. The Lost Ship

A post apocalyptic thriller.  A young boy and his father wander the ruins of the world in search of anything to help them survive.  One day, they stumble across a ship that crashed years earlier.  Together, they search for the parts they need to fix the ship and find the remnants of humanity.  (And probably repair their strained relationship as well.)

The ship?  The Osiris?

Side note…  I couldn’t find a full version of the animated short film?  In 2017?  …  Really!?

5. The Parameters of Perfection

The Architect, The Oracle and an inquisitive yet reluctant Human are tasked with the creation of The Matrix.  The Architect is focused on the enslavement of humanity and The Oracle fights to preserve the essence of humanity’s soul.  In the middle, a human invited to witness the fate of his/her species.  The twist?  This human is actually the first to be plugged in and subsequently reject the programming!  Whoa.

4. The Space-trix?

I’m sorry but if humanity had developed artificial intelligence you have to assume their space game was on point.  What if there is a space station up there ripe for a hardcore science fiction tale?  I can’t even nail down a concept due to the incredible amount of potential up there.

The Matrix in space!

Wait…  What if they can… plug in from up there?  Holy crap even better what if the machines are up there too and they fight a Star Wars like battle?

Freaking Space Zion!!!

3. The Matrix Reboot/Revival

The only film currently confirmed to (at least) be in development.  Zak Penn is working on a treatment with Warner Bros. eyeing Michael B. Jordan to star.  This film could be set long before Thomas Anderson follows The White Rabbit.  Or perhaps just after Neo sacrifices himself to save the world.

The Legacy of Neo?

Honestly?  I have no idea what they’re planning…

2. The War That Scorched The Sky

A potential trilogy?  Tell the live action story of how the war began, the downfall of humanity and the scorched sky.  Focus on the last human fighters and their courage to fight a war they’ve already lost.

1. The 7th Anomaly

The systemic anomaly returns.  Is it Neo?  Could Keannu Reeves return to the series?  If Warner Bros. indeed creates a shared universe of films and spin-off, this could be their Avengers.  Bring Keannu/Neo back.  Zion is already destroyed and he must rebuild without any memory of what happened.  Selecting 23 humans (16 female, 7 male…  You know the drill.) Show us what would have happened if he chose humanity over Trinity.

Then slowly, have Neo discover the truth in an entirely new way and lead the humans yet again.  And also, this film will unite Zion, 2nd Zion and Space Zion in one epic battle of Land, Sea and… Space…

What do you think? Will it all come together?

…  Or is Warner Bros……..  Reaching?

Sorry…  I’m done with the puns…  Upon further review, I’ve decided I’m actually excited about this.  I say BRING IT ON!

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