10 Questions About Captain America: Civil War & Future Phase Three Movies

10 Questions About Captain America: Civil War & Future Phase Three Movies

[Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead]

Captain America: Civil War is here and FINALLY we got answers to questions we’ve wondered about since Phase Three was unveiled two years ago.

The film is absolutely fantastic with tons of fun moments, an insane airport battle and an emotional final act unlike any Marvel has delivered before.  An ending that’s only possible because Civil War stands confidently on the foundation of every film that came before it.  Marvel’s ambition and box office dominance continues.

So now, the MCU exists in a post Civil War world with Doctor Strange on the horizon.  Like every Marvel release, the third Captain America film left us with all new questions!  So let’s talk Marvel!

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The Supporting Cast

Civil War does a fantastic job balancing the biggest heroes in the universe.  Everyone gets a few moments to shine and a successful arc.  Some journeys are thinner than others but this massive cast is serviced wonderfully.

What’s lost in the shuffle is how well the supporting cast is represented in the film.

Pepper Potts isn’t even on screen and she has a tremendous impact on Tony Stark and his choices in the film.

We all knew Ant-Man‘s contributions to Civil War would be largely focused on comic relief.  Thankfully, Paul Rudd is absolutely hilarious and steals away just enough moments to shine among giants.  Speaking of giants…  Giant-Man made his debut.  How will this affect Ant-Man and the Wasp in 2018?

Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter kisses Captain America which will have big implications moving forward.  Even though it was slightly out of place.  The seeds were planted in The Winter Soldier but this kiss felt a bit rushed.  Either way it happened and now Captain America is a fugitive hiding in a different country.  If only his new girlfriend could be a master spy…

I was a little disappointed in the lack of Martin Freeman on screen.  We only get a few brief scenes with his character, Everett Ross.  You don’t cast an actor like Martin Freeman if there isn’t a bigger plan and we will see more of him in 2018’s Black Panther.

I’m officially on board with Marissa Tomei as Aunt May.  She may not fit the traditional look of the character but she does fit perfectly with the new (and awesome) Spider-Man.

We got a relatively satisfying end to the Brock Rumlow/Crossbones story.  I thought he would have a larger role to play in the film given his role in the comic book version of Civil War.  (He kills Captain America)

Thunderbolt is back!  And we all thought The Incredible Hulk was the forgotten child in Marvel’s Cinematic family.  Since The Hulk… broke… Harlem, Thaddeus Ross has risen up the ranks of the American Government to become Secretary of State.  What’s up with Betty T-Ross?

Avengers AND Secret Avengers?

The end of Civil War left many of Earth’s mightiest heroes scattered around the globe.  The Sokovia Accords now governs the ‘official’ Avengers team led by Tony Stark.  Presumably he is joined by Vision and Spider-Man. (When he doesn’t have homework of course)  With the exception of a miraculous recovery, War Machine won’t be suiting up any time soon and Black Widow’s betrayal will keep her in hiding for the foreseeable future.

Black Panther is now helping Steve Rogers and The Winter Soldier secretly in Wakanda.  You have to assume he is still friendly with Tony Stark but his allegiance is still firmly in the middle.  At the end of Civil War, Falcon is rescued from ‘The Raft’ prison facility.  He will always be Team Cap.  There’s also no way someone as noble as Captain America would leave The Scarlett Witch, Ant-Man and Hawkeye behind.  Barton most likely returned home to his family but it’s a safe bet the other two are hiding in Wakanda as well.

Two Avengers teams.  One operating under the supervision of 117 countries and the other on the run from them.  How will this affect the future?  I’ll be honest, it was a little disappointing that most of the rifts between the heroes was squashed.  Even Captain America sent an olive branch to Tony Stark.

We all know when these two teams will unite.  What happens in between Civil War and the inevitable clash with Thanos is what fascinates me.  More on that below.

Can Bucky’s Mind Be Saved?

I definitely didn’t expect Bucky’s story to end on ice but it makes perfect sense.  A simple string of words can turn him against his friends.  Hiding in the technologically advanced country of Wakanda will help but my guess is the answer will depend on Tony Stark.

When will we see The Winter Soldier again?  My guess is Infinity War.  There’s too much story to include him without Captain America in a film like Black Panther.  Unless T’Challa invents a cool space arm, he won’t be joining Thor or the Guardians and there’s no place for him in Spider-Man either.

Infinity Stone Research

There is only one scene that involves the Infinity Stones.  Vision attempts to explain his thoughts on the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead.

My guess is, Vision’s research will continue throughout Phase Three.  He obviously has a huge role to play since Thanos needs the stone to complete the Infinity Gauntlet.  Will Vision die as a result?

Captain America’s Shield

Captain America gave up his shield.  Does he consider himself just Steve Rogers now?  He’s still a formidable foe to any enemy without his vibranium friend but it’s a part of him.  If Tony Stark picks up the phone and calls for help, I’m sure he will give the shield back.  But what if Steve Rogers is gone and it’s too late?

Who will Tony give the shield to then?


We countdown the top 10 action scenes for Marvel Phase One and Two.  Something tells me a certain airport sequence would make this list now that Civil War has arrived.

How Will Civil War Impact Doctor Strange?

I stand by my prediction that Doctor Strange will feature an Infinity Stone we’ve never seen before.  Most likely the Soul stone but arguments can be made that the Time Stone fits as well.

Steven Strange will encounter something of great power in an alternate dimension.  Perhaps is was never meant to be found?  Regardless, I don’t think Civil War will impact Doctor Strange a great deal since we are dealing with mind warping dimensions.  Not too mention a power set we’ve never seen before.

I think Doctor Strange will exist in the Universe much like Ant-Man.  There will be references but I can’t see the Sokovia Accords hindering Steven Strange’s journey to become The Sorcerer Supreme.

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Hulk & Thor’s Megaton Impact

The beginning of Phase Two was difficult to balance in a post Avengers world.  Why didn’t Tony Stark call Captain America in Iron Man 3?  Or Shield!

Things are different now.  This is Phase Three and in this new era of Marvel films, we know more about the future than ever.  Hulk and Thor will team up in Thor: Ragnarok in 2017.  Whatever they are dealing with out there is most likely a little more important than Earthly politics and Avenger arguments.

Ragnarok literally means the end of all things.  I’m not the biggest fan of either Thor film.  As far as I’m concerned, The Dark World sits right beside Iron man 2 in Marvel’s basement.  Having said that, Ragnarok is going to be amazing!  Hulk in space!

Mega Producer Kevin Feige has already said Thor: Ragnarok will change the entire MCU forever.  That can only mean Infinity Stones, Thanos and universal doom.  Can you imagine if Hulk takes on Thanos in–

Okay deep breath…  I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Future Of Spider-Man & Tony Stark

It’s been officially announced that Robert Downey Jr. will play a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.  It makes perfect sense once you see Civil War.  We no longer need an origin story for Peter Parker now that we’ve seen him in action.  We may get more concrete info as to how he got his powers but Spider-Man’s story will move forward the second the credits roll.

But what about Tony Stark’s story?  Will we learn more about his troubled relationship with Pepper Potts?  One thing is for sure, we will get a sense of how the world operates now that the Civil War is over.

Avengers In The Black Panther Movie

It’s a long shot but there is a possibility that Captain America could appear in Black Panther given the events at the end of Civil War.  He may not have to but SOME Avengers will appear.  He’s too connected to that world to leave them out of it.

I’m not a Black Panther expert but given his place in the MCU, this could be a direct follow up to Civil War.  Now that I’ve typed it, I’m not sure that’s what I want but it’s certainly possible.  A standalone story at this point that completely ignores his role in Civil War would be counter productive.

The Sokovia Accords & Thanos

I think the Sokovia Accords is only the beginning of a long descent for the Earth.  Slowly, the Avengers will be driven further and further apart leaving the world vulnerable to Thanos’ inevitable attack.  When he strikes, heroes will fall.  Who will be left to pick up the pieces?  Most likely every major hero we’ve met thus far but supporting characters?  Watch out!


What is your most anticipated movie of Phase Three?  We took a shot pre-Civil War and ranked them all!

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