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10 Things I Want (And Don’t Want) In Independence Day 2

10 Things I Want (And Don’t Want) In Independence Day 2

[UPDATE] Watch the first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence here!

Normally, a commercially succesful blockbuster like ID4 gets an automatic green light for a sequel.  We should be gearing up for Independence Day 9 by now!  Instead we were forced to endure 20 years of speculation.

However, the decades we had to wait presents a unique opportunity for the filmmakers.  We can now visit Earth in real time, decades after a computer virus saved us all.

Personally, I love that reinforcements are on the way and they’ve presumably learned from their mistakes.  It’s safe to say I have incredibly high hopes for Independence Day: Resurgence.  It’s also safe to say I have some concerns as well…

Human Traitors / Aliens In Disguise

This is the number 1 thing I do not want to see in the Independence Day sequel.  I do NOT want human traitors who betray their own species and I do NOT want aliens in disguise.

I can’t stand plot threads that rely on idiots who actually believe they will be spared for helping aliens exterminate us.  (See Transformers: Dark of the Moon for an especially terrible example of this.)

I ALSO can’t stand when aliens take over bodies, or brains or disguise themselves for convenient plot purposes.  (I’ll make an exception for ‘Edgar suites‘ only.)

Let’s keep it simple.  Aliens invade.  We would rather they do not invade.  We prevail and smoke victory dances.  (Or not and we just… smoke cigars until our inevitable extinction.)

Steven Hiller v2.0

Will Smith passed on the Independence Day sequel.  I’m still disappointed but I’m over it provided they provide a suitable explanation for his absence.

Is he dead?  Did he leave on some space exploration mission to find the alien home world? Will this set up his return in a future film?

Will they ignore the issue completely?  I can’t see how that will work considering they brought back Vivica A. Fox and her son (now older) played by Jessie Usher.

So, let’s assume there will be at least 1 or 2 throw away lines to explain why Steven Hiller is absent after his enormous impact on the first film.  You have to fill that void.  A grown up version of Dylan makes perfect sense.

But please…  PLEASE! No Will Smith impressions.  If he punches an alien in the face and says ‘welcome to Earth‘ I’m walking out of the theater.

…  Just kidding I’ll probably stay but I’ll be seriously annoyed.

Forced References

Too many sequels are paralyzed by a nagging need to include references to EVERYTHING.  Major characters like Steven Hiller require an explanation.  Returning characters who play a vital role in the new story have a right to be there.

But we don’t need to know where the Russel Casse’s children are today.  No offence to Miguel, Alicia and Troy but, unless they grew up to be leading scientific or military minds, I have no use for them.

I just don’t want them to over stuff the film with references and winks unless they matter to the NEW story.

Stand Alone

Returning characters.  Check.  Accounting for important, yet absent, characters.  Check.  Establishing the world of Independence Day after 20 years.  Check.


Tell us a new story.  We live in a world where entire universes of connected films exist.  Some are more sucessful than others but the majority are designed to stand alone.

My worst nightmare is a Matrix Reloaded type cliff hanger and a 2-3 year wait for answers.  I don’t care if the movie scores a 95% on rotten tomatoes.  Ambigious and vague endings drop the score by a minimum of 30% in my books.  Automatically.


Scale is tricky.  On one hand, sequels are create to raise the bar or stakes or whatever else requires raising.  So naturally, the Aliens will return with bigger ships and more powerful weapons.

How about a little strategy as well?  What made their original invasion so entertaining was their plan.  They played chess with our lives!  They took out major cities and absolutely decimated our population.  If it wasn’t for a cold cement floor and a drunken realization, they would have destroyed us.

20 years later, humans are much better prepared and the aliens need a new plan of attack.

The New World

This is one of the aspects of Independence Day: Resurgence I’m looking forward to the most.  The aliens destroyed nearly all of Earth’s major cities in round #1.

What does the world look like today?

I’m anxious to see how humans have rebuilt society after narrowly escaping extinction.  Everything is different.  Governement.  Schools.  Hospitals.  All of which will be influenced by technology we never dreamed possible until city sized alien fire clouds showed up.

Advanced Technology

We already know their bodies are just as frail as ours… Now we have to get passed their technology which is, I’m sorry to say, far more advanced.

We stopped the first invasion by using their own signal against them.  Without David’s computer virus (Is he the fastest programmer on Earth or what!?), their superior weapons, shields and intellect would have knocked the crap out of us.

What new toys will we see when reinforcements arrive?  What new technology will we develop ourselves after surviving the first encounter?

Ground Battles

The first Independence Day brought epic space battles into Earth’s atmosphere.  There, our extremely rude and uninvited house guests absolutely dominated.

So…  Do they re-establish their dominance in the sky or bring the fight to the surface?  I hope it’s both but I would love to see some tentacle alien foot soldiers at some point.  They were preparing an invasion after all.  I’d like to see how we would defend against an onslaught of such magnitude.

Ruthless Aliens

Peace?  No peace…

Originally, these ‘locusts’ wanted to consume our natural resources and we were in there way.  You have to assume they found other options for resources.  When they return they will be entirely focused on revenge.

And you thought they were hostile before!?

Human Struggle

The classic speech given by President Whitmore was a fantastic scene that injected an incredible amount of emotion into the film before the final battle.

“We’re fighting for our right to live.”

Humans cities are destroyed and, presumably, billions of people died.  Humanity faced a ruthless enemy and immanent extinction.  The struggle to survive and believe in each other was an essential theme.  Will they be able to recapture that emotion 20 years later?


7 thoughts on “10 Things I Want (And Don’t Want) In Independence Day 2

  1. Great article! Independence Day is one of those awesome movies that I love to watch anytime it’s on TV! BTW Jason, totally picturing you walking out of the movie opening night now!



  2. One would expect the Earth to have a ring(s) around it due to the demolition of the previous alien mothership. I wonder if they took this detail into account?

  3. We agree on everyhing except I think the world deserves to know what happened to the Casse children. Their father sacrificed his life to save humanity, religions could be built around him in the real world, people would be asking for his children, for the movie to miss that is gross neglect. They should be in it.
    Also I hate the recasting of all the children in this movie.

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