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10 Things I Want (Hope?) To See In A Gears of War Movie

10 Things I Want (Hope?) To See In A Gears of War Movie

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The Best eSports Websites

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Casting The Mass Effect Movie

Yes.  There is a Gears of War movie happening despite the shaky track record of recent adaptations.  I believe video game adaptations could become the next big…  thing.  The right project has to come along.  Is Shane Salerno (Avatar sequels) the answer?  I’m hoping the scribe can deliver on everything that made the original Gears of War such a fantastic experience.

I just can’t help but imagine a room full of executives who don’t have faith in video game adaptations.  Honestly, they have every right to be skeptical.  As a result, a lot of fun sequences could be cut to save on the budget.  After all, an ‘R’ rated, violent video game adaptation may not attract a big enough audience.  Even with Deadpool and Logan paving the way.

I’d like them to get it right so we can get the Bioshock movie we deserve!

For more on the Gears of War screenplay, head over to The Screenwriting Spark.

10. Keep The Story Small

Gears of War is all about struggling to get from point A to point B.  There are obstacles everywhere and the majority of the action takes place at street level.  That’s where the film must be set.  We don’t need to see a global perspective on Emergence day.  Start the movie in a prison and let the adventure guide you to the end.

9. THE Camera angle

Gears of War’s unique third person camera perspective would look amazing on the big screen.  I doesn’t need to be an ‘over the top’ DOOM-like sequence.  But, at some point, a Gears of War movie needs to have a shaky camera following Marcus as he kicks open a door with gun in hand.

8. Sera

Gears of War is not set on Earth and that’s okay.  Although, creator Cliff Bleszinski once stated a slight connection to our world:

“I can’t remember the specifics, I think the Locust winded up burrowing back underground, and Sera exploded. The core of Sera, over many many years, wound up solidifying. And then all of a sudden you see a spaceman boot land on it, and you hear ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ It turns out their moon was Earth, it was always like the Moon and the Earth in the past, and our Moon is the remnants of Sera.”

Regardless, Sera is a brand new world for big screen audiences to see.  Seize the opportunity and let us dive into the culture and landscapes of a world rich in mythology.

7. The Insane Rides

There are many sequences in Gears of War that feature the team trapped on a vehicle (or creature) while the enemy attacks.  Some sequences are set high in the sky with the squad fighting off an onslaught of attacks from all sides.  I want all of those things.  All the things!

6. Delta Squad

Give us Marcus, Dom, Cole & Baird.  (and Kim…  and Carmine) The first Gears of War game sets up Delta squad perfectly.  The journey is laid out and it’s perfect for adaptation.  Give us the core Delta (and Alpha I suppose) squad and deviate from there.

5. Don’t be afraid to go underground

There’s a sense of relief when you reach the surface after a prolonged struggle underground in the game.  They have to capture moments like those.  Following Marcus and Co. down into an Emergence hole is a key part of the Gears journey.  I want giant caves, huge underground landscapes and TONS of Locust.

4. Gears of Private Ryan

Stylistically, Gears of War is about the chaos and destruction surrounding the main storyline.  There are constantly crumbling buildings and surprise attacks.  Gears of War should feel like a war movie.  Not a video game movie.

3. An epic showdown against General Raam

If the Gears of War movie is 2 hours long, I want at least 30 minutes of that run time devoted to the final fight.

2. The PERFECT Marcus Pheonix Casting

This is going to be the toughest thing to get right in the film.  Without a solid and believable lead, this movie will crumble inside a Grub hole.  I googled casting choices and came across John Travolta as an option.  I don’t even know what to think about that…

1. An ‘R’ Rated Gears of War

It’s absolutely crucial that the Gears of War film is rated R.  When you’re adapting a game that features monsters being ripped in two by chainsaw guns…  You get the idea.  Gears of War is violent.  It won’t be authentic without the chaos.

Deadpool & Logan certainly proved that there is a MASSIVE worldwide audience hungry for ‘R’ Rated high concept tentpoles.  Gears of War belongs right alongside those adaptations.

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