10 Things To Look Forward To In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

10 Things To Look Forward To In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman is almost here and the marketing campaign has reached critical mass.  You can’t turn on a television or load a movie website without Dawn of Justice punching you in the face with it’s awesome fists.

Here are 10 reason’s why the wait is driving me crazy!

10. Man of Steel Fallout

Batman v Superman may be the true launch pad for the DC Extended Universe but it’s first and foremost a Man of Steel sequel.

The trailers have focused heavily on the fallout from Superman and Zod’s destructive death match in Metropolis.  That devastating battle ignites the main conflict between Batman and Superman in the first place.  It also inspires Lex Luthor who somehow gets a hold of Zod’s body for research.

The world itself also demands answers from the last son of Krypton.  Court room scenes shown in the trailers will feature victims from the Metropolis melee.  But there are also those who see Superman as a savior.  It’s two sides of a coin that was flipped when Man of Steel debuted in 2013.  What would happen if a powerful alien actually lived on Earth.

It’s that grounded approach that fascinates me as DC and Warner Brothers expand their universe.  Now that the cosmic veil has been lifted on the world.  How will humanity react when Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Green Lantern arrive?  How will they cope with more dangerous villains and destruction?

All these themes will be explored in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

9. Lex Luther’s Master Plan

The film’s most visible villain to date obviously has a plan to manipulate Batman and Superman.  He’ll be the driving force that initiates the greatest gladiator battle in history.  However, while Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent wage war, Lex will pursue his personal quest for power.

In the second trailer we got to see a bit of that scheme as it suggests Lex is directly responsible for the creation of Doomsday.  It’s also speculated that he may be involved in a story line involving Bizarro?

I can’t imagine Lex Luthor plans to unleash monsters on the world then sit back and watch the chaos.  He’ll have a plan.

What is his ultimate goal?  It’s almost March people!

8. Doomsday

I’m always weary about a film that contains too many villains. (cough Spider-Man 3 cough)  There just isn’t enough screen time to establish and pay off so many story lines.  Yet, as crowded as BvS appears to be, Doomsday is too important to waste.

I think unleashing Doomsday will be one of the best set pieces in the film.  It’s widely rumored that Doomsday is not the MAIN villain in the film.  If that’s the case, I believe he will still impact the story in a big way.

Will he kill Superman like his comic book counterpart?  If the world is conflicted about the existence of someone like Superman, perhaps taking him away will show the world why he’s important.

Then he comes back and kicks ass with the Justice League.  Boom.  Doomsday.

7. DCEU History, References & Cameos

The DC Extended Universe is still an infant when compared to it’s teenage counterpart over at Marvel.  But DC has accomplished something incredible quickly that took Marvel years to achieve.  A larger world.

When the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe began, their respective franchises were very much separate.  It wasn’t until The Avengers arrived that people understood the true genius of Marvel’s big gamble.  Now, characters in subsequent movies and television shows mention the Battle of New York casually in conversations etc…  But it’s a world that developed before our eyes.

DC’s world already feels lived in.  It already has a sense of history.  From a storytelling perspective, it’s truly remarkable what they have achieved with a few trailers.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad trailers connect in ways fans never thought possible this early on.  The Joker is referenced several times in BvS trailers and Batman himself makes an appearance in DC’s villain team up.  It’s all part of a carefully planned narrative.

At the end of 2016 we will know if that kind of storytelling precision is well balanced or if the DCEU feels rushed.  Time will tell.  I’m inclined to believe they’ve nailed it.

6. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fascinating element of Batman v Superman.  Like Doomsday, I’m concerned there just isn’t enough screen time to do that character justice.  She does have her own solo film set during the events of World War I on the way but that’s what scares me.  Will they be able to adequately set her up with limited screen time in BvS?  Or will she feel like an afterthought thanks to her impending solo debut?

I believe Wonder Woman will steal every scene she’s a part of.  I just hope there is enough for her to do before she’s unleashed in the third act.

5. Mega Villain

We’ve covered Lex Luthor and we’ve covered Doomsday but there’s NO CHANCE that’s where the villain roster ends in Batman v Superman.  Someone is pulling the strings.  Someone is planning a greater attack.  The seeds must be planted for Justice League.

Will we get to see this mega villain?  I believe we will.  Years of rumors and speculation can be narrowed down to two big bads.  Darkseid and/or Brainiac.

I’m good either way but I suppose, if I had to guess, I’d prefer Darkseid.  (He’s the most likely as recent screenshots confirm he is at least referenced in the film) They are both powerful threats worthy of the Justice Leagues attention so it’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned.

Either way, there HAS to be a big BIG bad in Dawn of Justice.  I can’t wait to find out who it is.

4. Angry, Scary Batman

I love the approach Director Zack Snyder has taken with Batman.  We’ve seen the origin story far too many times to see the same old Batman again.  Plus, Christopher Nolan already created a masterful origin movie then dropped the mic.

Instead, we get an older, angrier Batman who has been through war already.  He doesn’t need to learn how to be Batman.  He’s already inspired fear on the streets of Gotham.  He’s already won battles.  More importantly, he’s already lost battles.

This new Batman is ruthless and relentless.  His personal journey towards accepting Superman as an ally will be fascinating to see unfold.

Why do we fall? (Sorry wrong movie.)

3. Batman vs Superman I

This isn’t the main event.  Before that can happen, there HAS to be an initial encounter.  A battle that proves Batman is over matched. (At first)  A battle that leads him to perhaps seek the aid of Lex Luthor?  Kryptonite?

Regardless, this first encounter will be important yet short.  A tease for the title bout towards the end of the film.

Batman v Superman round one.

2. Batman vs Superman II

I believe the trailers show two separate battles between the Caped Crusader and the last son of Krypton.  The second fight between the two will take place with a fully armed and prepared Batman.  There are weaknesses to exploit and Batman has always been smart enough to identify them.

This will be an even fight but beyond that, I don’t think we will ever have a definitive winner.  This fight will be interrupted when the villains strike.  (trailer voice) DAWN!!!!  … of Justice.

1. Dawn of the Justice League

It’s up in the air what ultimately unites Batman and Superman but they pretty much spoiled that in the trailers once Wonder Woman arrives.  The question is, how will the rest of the Justice League play into the film’s story.

It’s already clear the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will team up to battle Doomsday/Lex Luthor/Mystery Mega Villain(?) in the film’s final act.  Will they be joined by Aquaman or The Flash?  Will Cyborg make an appearance?  I think it’s safe to assume The Green Lantern won’t be involved as his movie is years away and he isn’t cast yet.

Is it possible that we will get to see the Justice League in this film?  My guess is no.  There’s already too much going on.  That would feel rushed.  I’m perfectly okay with tiny teases of Flash and Aquaman.  In fact, it’s pretty much confirmed they will have small cameos at the very least.

Regardless, the seeds will be planted and we will finally be able to envision what DC and Warner Brothers have planned for there GIANT two part Justice League films. (I really hope they don’t have subtitles by the way…  Part 1.  Part 2.  The end.)

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