10 Things To Look Forward To In Captain America: Civil War

10 Things To Look Forward To In Captain America: Civil War

It’s almost time for Captain America: Civil War to officially kick off a new Phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

Arguably Marvel’s most ambitious film to date, Civil War will surely change the MCU as we know it.  Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen but the answers are coming.

10. Doctor Strange Infinity Button

The infamous button scene.  The end credit sequence.  The mid credit stinger.  Whatever you call them, Marvel’s tags at the end of their films have been enormously successful at driving their cinematic universe forward.  Button scenes gave us our first hint of the Avengers Initiative at the end of Iron Man.  We met Thanos for the first time at the end of The Avengers.  We got confirmation of the Infinity Stones thanks to the Collector’s appearance at the end of Thor: The Dark World.  We were even reintroduced to Howard The Duck at Guardians of the Galaxy’s conclusion.

When it comes to Captain America: Civil War, the number one target will be Doctor Strange.  Civil War is too grounded to feature another Thanos scene so why not tease the other 2016 Marvel Film.  I don’t think we will meet the Sorcerer Supreme himself but perhaps a villain will be unveiled or The Ancient One?

9. Which Side Are You On?

Concept art has been released depicting the two factions that battle during Civil War.  Team Captain America consists of Steve Rogers, Hawkeye, Falcon, The Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter, Ant-Man and The Scarlett Witch.

Team Iron Man features Tony Stark, War Machine, The Vision, Black Panther and Black Widow.  There’s still no word on where Spider-Man’s loyalty lies but my money is on Team Iron Man.

Rosters aside, what excites me most are the opportunities to switch sides.  Vision and Scarlett Witch have a romantic history in the comics.  Hawkeye and Black Widow have one of the strongest relationships in the entire MCU.

Eventually our heroes will unite against evil but how many relationships will be irreparably damaged?

8. Black Panther Shines

I honestly believe Black Panther will steal the show in Civil War.  It’s exciting to meet a new character who will carry his own franchise in the near future.  As a result, a lot of the film will focus on T’Challa and I can’t wait to see how he establishes himself among cinematic giants like Iron Man.  His unique fighting style shown in the trailers will bring us a ton of amazing action moments.   He appears to be fierce, driven and completely bad ass.

7. Phase Three Begins!

Phase Two got off to a disappointing start. I enjoyed Iron Man 3 but The Avengers changed everything.  A Bruce Banner cameo at the end simply wasn’t enough to move Marvel’s larger narrative forward.  Civil War may not deal directly with Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones but the fallout will present him with a prime opportunity to strike.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier featured a game changing twist that shifted the Cinematic Universe like never before.  I believe Civil War will be no different.  By the time the dust settles, the MCU will never be the same.  And THAT is how you’re supposed to start a Phase.

6. Avenger vs Avenger

The teams are set.  The stakes are high.  It’s time for battle.  It’s fascinating to think about all the potential matchups we will see in Civil War.  The trailer alone highlighted a heartbreaking battle featuring Iron man vs Cap & Bucky.

One of the most notable criticisms of Marvel’s films has been their depiction of major villains.  Particularly the ease in which they are disposed of.  (Iron Monger? Whiplash? Malekith?)

These epic battles will be emotionally charged with a level of character investment audiences have never seen.  Over a decade of films have set up countless friendships that are about to be ripped apart.  Civil War won’t be about superheroes fighting superheroes.  It will be about the consequences that result from their actions.

5. The REAL Villain

So much has been written about the two sides of Civil War but there is a mysterious third.  We still don’t know how Crossbones and the remnants of Hydra will factor into the film’s plot.  But the real threat is Baron Zemo.  We still haven’t even seen concept art of the character but make no mistake, he will play a crucial role in the film.  The marketing will sell us Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America but the film will surprise us all with a very powerful and memorable villain.

4. Spider-Man in the MCU

Spider-Man’s role in Civil War remains a mystery to fans.  Will he have a large role or a series of smaller scenes?  Will he be called upon to reinforce a new look Avengers team once everyone kisses and makes up? (If that even happens?)

Regardless, Spider-Man is part of the MCU and I couldn’t be happier.  Sony made the right move allowing Marvel to have their web slinger back.  Instead of building a shared universe on their own he’s now instantly part of a larger world with a rich history to draw upon.

I believe, Spider-Man will eventually lead the Avengers as the universe moves forward to Phase Four and beyond.  Welcome home Spider-Man.

3. The Game Changing Event

Let’s not forget, this is first and foremost, the conclusion of a Captain America trilogy.  This series has always focused on Hydra’s plans for world domination and Civil War will be no different. Hydra was revealed and taken down during The Winter Soldier.  How will they enact revenge?  That remains to be seen but there is a plan.  When The Avengers are done fighting each other they will be left with an even greater threat to themselves and the world.

2. Iron Man vs Captain America vs The Winter Soldier

I’ve already discussed Avengers fighting Avengers but this is the main event.  The emotional fallout from this battle will be felt for the entirety of Phase Three.  The ferocity behind every punch is a little difficult to watch relatively speaking.  We love these characters and here they are, beating each other to a pulp while larger forces plot against them.

1. The Death of…

Characters will fall.  War Machine’s odds went way up after Civil War’s first trailer was released.  I’m willing to bet he won’t be the only hero who parishes during this movie.  Judging by Marvel’s upcoming slate of films it’s safe to assume Iron Man, Black Panther, The Vision, Spider-Man and Ant-Man are safe.  But Falcon, Hawkeye, The Scarlett Witch, Black Widow and The Winter Soldier are extremely vulnerable.

And… Let’s face it…  The big one is Captain America himself.  He is a huge target and will likely sacrifice himself in order to unite The Avengers once again.  Because of his death, either Falcon or The Winter Soldier will pick up the shield.  My money is on The Winter Soldier.  I believe he will be Captain America through Infinity War Part 1 before Steve Rogers RETURNS in Part 2. (It’s inevitable.)  That’s bad news for Falcon.  Perhaps his death is what inspires Cap to sacrifice himself in the first place to prevent further bloodshed.

I don’t expect fans to be uplifted and giddy once Captain America: Civil War ends.  But I do believe it has the potential to be the best film in Marvel’s Universe to date because of sheer emotional power.

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  1. Honorable mentions:
    1. Hopefully seeing Giant Man
    2. The potential introduction of Iron Mans Bleeding Edge Armor
    3. A version of Spider-Man’s costume supposedly done by Tony Stark

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