10 Things To Look Forward To In Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

10 Things To Look Forward To In Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Well…  I can’t say I’m enjoying the wait for Star Wars Episode VIII but I waited decades for VII soooooo…  I should probably stop complaining.

Instead, I’ll write about 10 things I can’t wait to see when the new Star Wars movie finally gets here!

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10. Finn/Phasma Expanded

Finn vs Phasma is an interesting plot thread in The Force Awakens but it feels like Phasma’s role in particular was cut down.  Or was she saved for Episode VIII?

Finn got the better of her in round one but something tells me we will see what she is truly capable of soon enough.

9. The First Order, The Resistance & The Galaxy

The Rebels fought The Empire.  Now the Resistance fights The First Order.  But how big are these factions?  We don’t get a lot of backstory on either side during The Force Awakens.  Does The First Order have a grand fleet somewhere in the Galaxy?

Now that the Republic is a mere memory has the Galaxy plunged into a state of chaos?  I hope Episode VIII gives us better clarity of both sides and the Galaxy as a whole. (But no more Senate meetings please.)

8. New Characters

Much of the screen time in The Force Awakens was dedicated to Rey, Finn and Poe as they have officially taken over the series.

But what about characters like the mysterious Maz Kanata?  How does she fit into the bigger picture?  Is she the new Yoda?  How did she get Luke’s lightsaber?

Beyond Maz, we will see many new characters in Episode VIII.  (Benecio Del Toro, Laura Dern to name a few)  How will they impact the saga?

7. A Dark Twist

The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best Star Wars movie of them all.  It’s certainly my favorite.  Episode VIII has an enormous amount of pressure to live up to the greatest middle chapter of all time.  (Hat tip Godfather Part II)

You’ll never be able to top ‘I am your father’ but SOMETHING big has to go down in the final moments of Episode VIII.  Will a major character die?  Will the twist center on Luke Skywalker?  Perhaps Rey’s family?  Will Darth Vader’s influence on Kylo Ren leave us hanging before Episode IX arrives?

6. Luke Trains Rey

If the production announcement teaser is any indication, Episode VIII will pick up soon after Episode VII ended with Rey facing Luke.  Will he train her willingly?  Reluctantly?  Not at all?  Not matter the outcome, we will learn a great deal about the force through their relationship.

5. The First Jedi Temple

Ancient knowledge of the Force awaits!  Will we get to see the first Jedi temple in Episode VIII? If we don’t it will definitely be discussed at length as Luke explains what he’s been up to all these years.

4. Who Is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Snoke is a very mysterious character in The Force Awakens.  We don’t know if he’s a Sith Lord or something else entirely.  But we do know he’s evil and intends to rule the galaxy.  We also know he needs to stop the Jedi from returning.

But who is he?  Where does he come from?  What does he really want?

3. What Has Luke Been Up To?

The big question.  His exile may be caused by Ben Solo’s betrayal but Luke has to be after something.  Did he disappear to find The First Jedi temple in order to save the galaxy? Did he disappear to protect a secret?  To protect Rey?

Is he aware of her existence?  Is he Rey’s father?  How does he feel about his failure to Ben?

The answers are coming but first we need to at least hear him speak!

2. Kylo Ren Fully Trained

Let’s talk percentages.  Kylo Ren is a powerful Force user (Sith?) with a powerful mentor in Supreme Leader Snoke.  In a delightful twist, he also feels pulled back to the light.  The opposite of the struggle Darth Vader faced when he was seduced by the dark side.  Kylo says he’s being torn apart as a result of this battle within himself.

Until his father dies.

Let’s say his training was around 30-40% complete before he asked his father to help rid him of his pain.  When we meet him in Episode VIII he will have progressed a great deal.  At 30-40% he was capable of betraying Luke Skywalker, killing his own father and destroying countless lives along the way.

Imagine what he is capable of at 70-80%…

1. Rey’s Family

There are many mysteries left open for Episode VIII to delve into.  Luke’s whereabouts, his lightsaber, Snoke’s history etc…

No mystery has caused more fan speculation than the identity of Rey’s family.  Is she Luke’s daughter?  Is she Ben Solo’s sister?  Was she conceived by the Force?  Is she Darth Vader reincarnated?  These are just a few of the theories out there driving fans insane.

We may not get all the answers in Episode VIII but we will get some.  This mystery tops my list.

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