10 Ways Doctor Strange Changes Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

10 Ways Doctor Strange Changes Marvel’s Cinematic Universe


Doctor Strange proved yet again that Marvel can take a relatively unknown comic book character and make him/her appeal to mass audiences worldwide.

I loved Doctor Strange.  The mystical corner of Marvel’s universe is full of incredible visual effects, humor and characters I can’t wait to see again.

As for the big picture and how Doctor Strange fits into the MCU moving forward?  Marvel has positioned the character extremely well to be the center piece of their cinematic universe.  Here are a few of the reasons why that’s a GOOD thing.

10. Mordo

One of the biggest complaints regarding Marvel films, especially solo franchise entries, is the villain.  They usually appear in one film and are easily dealt with in the final act.  Iron Monger, Whiplash, Malekith, Abomination and Yellow Jacket to name a few…  The most interesting villains in the cinematic universe are as complex as the heroes themselves.  I believe Baron Mordo will become a fantastic villain who fits in right alongside villains like Loki and The Winter Soldier.

Mordo is an extremely powerful and dangerous sorcerer, he can pop up anywhere and wreak havoc in Doctor Strange’s life.  He will no doubt be front and center in the eventual Doctor Strange 2.

9. Magic

Sorcerers and wizards have come to the MCU!  The presence of magic expands Marvel’s universe in amazing ways.  We now have cosmic heroes like Thor and the Guardians.  Celestial beings like Thanos and eventually Captain Marvel.  Earth based Gods like Hulk.  Robotic Gods like The Vision.  Super humans like Captain America, Black Panther and Spider-Man.  Heroic (and resourceful) humans like Tony Stark, Hawkeye & Black Widow.  Now we can add sorcerers like Doctor Strange to Marvel’s incredibly diverse lineup of powerful heroes and villains.

8. Infinite Dimensions

Magic expands the abilities and powers we will see in the MCU moving forward.  But the idea of infinite dimensions will show us incredible new worlds and possibilities. The MCU used to be restricted to Earth, Asgard and the cosmos.  All present in ONE dimension.  In Doctor Strange we are introduced to the multiverse and the remarkable worlds within.  The Mirror Dimension and The Dark Dimension are the main focus in this film but, thanks to Strange, the MCU can go anywhere in the future.

7. The Strange Bridge

Doctor Strange is now a pivotal character in the MCU because he represents a bridge between three worlds:  The cosmic reaches of the galaxy, the mystical dimensions of the multiverse and the home of The Avengers, Earth.   The idea of Strange as a bridge between worlds has already begun if you stuck around during the end credits.

6. The Visuals

Doctor Strange is an incredibly entertaining movie.  It features amazing performances and a journey worthy of a Marvel movie.  What sets Strange apart from the rest of Marvel’s franchises is the eye candy.  Director Scott Derrikson and his team of artists have created some of the craziest mind bending visual effects in any comic book movie.  It’s actually hard to describe reality altering kaleidoscope-y sequences.  Entire cities are turned upside down and inside out and within an instant, you’re transported to another dimension.  Awesome.

5. Dormammu

Thanos is about to strike.  The Infinity War is about to begin.  But what comes next?  Who will be the next grand architect of evil?  Dormammu was handled beautifully in Doctor Strange.  He’s now setup as a worthy villain capable of devouring entire dimensions.  He will be central in future Doctor Strange movies and will definitely impact the MCU as a whole.  Is Dormammu the next Thanos?  Probably not but he certainly fills the void until the next supervillain arrives.

4. Knowledge AKA Exposition

Doctor Strange shares many similarities with Tony Stark.  He’s arrogant, wealthy and extremely intelligent.  They both eventually learn to put others ahead of themselves but there is one difference that changes the MCU.  Knowledge.  Tony may be able to build remarkable technology but Doctor Strange can visit other dimensions and will no doubt carry much of the narrative in Infinity War.  I believe the first act will be the Thor/Strange/Vision show as Thanos finally attacks Earth.  It will be up to them to illustrate just how devastating The Mad Titan can be.

But Doctor Strange’s knowledge goes far beyond that.  His thirst for knowledge will lead us to incredible places.  Through Strange, we will meet remarkable new characters and explore worlds between dimensions.  He is basically the new exposition machine in the MCU.

3. Time & The Infinity Stones

The most obvious way Doctor Strange impacts the MCU moving forward is his command of the Eye of Agamotto.  An artifact we now know is the Time Stone!  Doctor Strange is indeed powerful enough to wield an Infinity Stone!  This makes Strange vital to the Infinity War as the guardian of the Time Stone.  As for the rest?

The Mind Stone is embedded in Vision’s forehead.

The Power Stone is being protected by the Nova Corps on the planet Xandar.

The Space Stone is in Odin’s Vault on Asgard.

The Reality Stone is presumably still in the hands of The Collector.

The Soul Stone remains unaccounted for…

When will the Soul stone be revealed?  Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? Thor: Ragnarok?  Will the mind’s behind the MCU save the reveal for Avengers: Infinity War?  We may not know for a long time but one thing is for sure, Thanos is coming for Strange…

2. Doctor Strange vs Thanos

If the beginning of Infinity War includes Thanos’ quest to acquire the Infinity Stones this battle is inevitable.  It won’t be a brawl like Thanos vs Hulk.  This clash will be magical with Strange’s intellect at the forefront.  You have to assume Strange will lose or perhaps be outsmarted by Thanos.  I’m fascinated by how that will affect The Sorcerer Supreme.  Will this inspire him to unite the Avengers especially with the scars of Civil War so fresh?  It’s a natural way for Strange to become the new leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  He’s also capable of uniting heroes like The Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel as well.

Doctor Strange.  The Center of the MCU.

1. Marvel Phase 4

I believe Phase Four will begin with Doctor Strange 2.  After TWO Avengers films there will no doubt be a lot of unanswered questions.  Characters will be scattered. Several will most likely be dead.  The MCU will be ready to begin a new era of comic book movies.  Doctor Strange is already positioned to be one of the most important characters in Phase Four.

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