10 Ways Suicide Squad Will Help The DC Extended Universe Explode!

10 Ways Suicide Squad Will Help The DC Extended Universe Explode!

Batman v Superman Review

Batman v Superman Review

The Darker, Different DC Universe

The Darker, Different DC Universe

Suicide Squad is nearly here and it…  looks… amazing!  The film is already tracking north of 100 million for it’s opening weekend domestically.  Some estimates have the film reaching as high as 115 million which would eclipse the 94.3 million August record held by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not too bad considering the ‘not-so-stellar’ debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The greatest gladiator battle in the history of the world may not have wowed critics but it certainly planted a LOT of seeds for future blockbusters.  Suicide Squad is the first to benefit from all the ground work laid down by it’s predecessors.

Throughout Suicide Squad’s marketing campaign it’s been clear that WB could have something extremely special on their hands.  The film will introduce movie goers to an entire team of villains never seen on the big screen.  Not too mention a brand new iteration of The Joker played by Jared Leto.

Fueled by the creative vision of David Ayer (Training Day, Fury) Suicide Squad could be the film that BvS was supposed to be!  The film that helps the DCEU explode around the world!

10. Reasonable Expectations

Let’s face it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was overwhelmed by an impossible level of hype.  The anticipation built up for years and for some fans decades!  It’s not easy to deliver a movie that meets the expectations of such dedicated fans.  (It’s not impossible though…)

Suicide Squad has the benefit of being a new franchise with a fresh story that can stand on it’s own.  David Ayer and his team weren’t handcuffed by forced references and setups.  We won’t see another infamous ’email attachment’ Justice League introduction.  We won’t take a break from the story line to ensure movies opening years from now are properly established.

This is a Suicide Squad movie set in a growing universe.  It will be a Suicide Squad story.  There will, of course, be cameos and references but I’m willing to bet they will happen organically within the plot.  This will be a standalone story full of incredible moments and characters.

9. All-Star Squad

When WB and DC first announced their slate of films, the biggest question mark (other than Shazam) was Suicide Squad.

Then came the casting announcements.  Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis and more.  The DC Universe was serious about putting together remarkable talent on both sides of the camera.

However, it’s one thing to assemble an A-List cast, it’s quite another to assemble a group of people who have strong chemistry with each other.  Thankfully, those doubts went away the second the first trailer dropped.  This is a strange and fantastic dysfunctional family of psychopaths.  Something entirely unique in an era full of sequels and reboots.

8. Deadshot

Independence Day: Resurgence was a little disappointing but fun overall.  I’ll always wonder what the sequel would be like had Will Smith decided to return.  On the other hand, if he did agree to do it I would have wondered what Deadshot would be like if Smith turned the role down.

Something tells me he made the right decision.  Deadshot can easily become a mainstay in the DC Universe for years to come.  I can’t wait to see him go head to head with Batman!

7. Unpredictability

Suicide Squad features Amanda Waller, a bad ass who manages to control some of the worst criminals on the planet.  Every single villain on the team is capable of horrible things and that’s what makes this movie so fascinating.  Absolutely no one is safe beyond, presumably, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and The Joker.

It’s also extraordinary that the filmmakers have managed to keep the film’s big villain ‘The Adversary’ under wraps.  There are theories out there that he is a demon who needs to unite with The Enchantress to unleash hell on Earth.

Heavy stuff.  If it’s true…

I literally have no clue what to expect and THAT’S why I’m so excited!

6. History

Structurally, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a mess.  There was simply too much story to cover to do the characters… justice.  However, they did manage to build up a strong foundation moving forward.

Marvel began their universe with Iron Man.  We watched him become Iron Man.  Before Tony created the Mach 1 suit, there wasn’t much history there beyond the cosmic elements in recent films.

The DC Extended Universe is built much differently.  We already know about the death of Jason Todd and how it influenced Batman’s actions in BvS.  We know about Batman’s past and how tired and hopeless he feels after decades fighting Gotham’s worst.

Suicide Squad won’t be a series of origin stories.  It feels like we are simply jumping into a living breathing world where consequences have already happened.  Battles have been one and lost.  The scars of the past will be visible everywhere in this world.

5. Magic

Man of Steel established that humanity is not alone in the universe.  Batman v Superman strengthened that theme with the introduction of Doomsday.

Now, we get to meet characters like The Enchantress, Diablo and The Adversary (Demon? Incubus?)  Each of these characters possess powerful magic that opens up endless possibilities moving forward.  Suicide Squad doesn’t just open the door to a world of magic, it shatters it.

4. Harley Quinn

Early word suggests Margo Robbie steals the show as Harley Quinn.  She’s a relatively new character in relation to Batman’s more widely known villains but her popularity has soared for years nonetheless.  With Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn introduces herself to the masses and she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

3. More Batman

We’ve seen enough Batman movies to understand how Bruce Wayne’s mind works.  We know his motivations and how far he will go to rid the world of criminals like The Joker.  Yet still, Zack Snyder/Ben Affleck managed to create a version of Batman we’ve never seen before.  A Batman with a dark past and a history we’ve only seen pieces of.

Suicide Squad likely won’t fill in a ton of those gaps but it will give us more Batman and that’s always a good thing.

2. The Joker

The wild card.  Enough has been written about Heath Legder’s legendary performance as The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  It’s a performance that can never be duplicated.  Thankfully, Jared Leto’s version of The Joker is something entirely new.  A completely unique approach to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Leto immersed himself in the role and the result is arguably the scariest rendition of The Joker to date.  Heath Ledger’s Joker has already taken his place in the villain Hall of Fame.  Leto’s Joker has an opportunity to dominate the big screen for years and take his place right beside his predecessor.

1. Pure Insanity

Every poster, trailer and TV spot for Suicide Squad leading up to it’s release helped establish one thing.  This movie is going to be crazy in the best possible way.

The only question mark left is how well the big bad will be developed compared to the amount of screen time dedicated to the Squad and The Joker.  Will ‘The Adversary’ be an after thought?  My guess is 100% no.

The team has kept the overall plot a secret while still giving us absolutely insane action in the trailers.  Suicide Squad will be non stop mayhem.  An action packed ride full of humor, shocking moments and larger than life characters.  I believe, years from now, there is a chance we will look back on Suicide Squad as a VITAL element in the rise of the DC Universe.

The road to the Justice League began with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but it’s movies like Suicide Squad that set this universe a part from Marvel’s seemingly unstoppable behemoth.

The worst heroes ever are almost here and I can’t wait to meet them.!

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