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2018: A Year Without Game Of Thrones (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

2018: A Year Without Game Of Thrones (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

Game of Thrones The Biggest Payoff In TV History?

Game of Thrones The Biggest Payoff In TV History?


Well…  Winter is Here…  After 7 incredible seasons, Game of Thrones is currently crafting a grand finale featuring 6 episodes…  Six…

Six episodes left to wrap up an epic tale that’s taken us through some of the most shocking twists and character deaths in the history of television.  Six episodes left to end the great game and settle who belongs on the Iron Throne once and for all.

Honestly, I still go back and watch reaction videos once in a while and picture what my face must have looked like when I experienced the big moments.

Events like these brought us to tears…  But we cheered also…

And laughed…

We’ve experienced so much in the land of Westeros and yet, here we are, staring ahead at a year WITHOUT Game of Thrones.

A year without moments like…

And entire year…

So why is this a good thing?

Honestly?  It’s training.  Training for a world without Game of Thrones.  Because the show will end and yet we still have six more episodes to anticipate and analyze.  When it’s all over, I sincerely believe we’ll miss these long waits especially the longest wait of them all.   The wait for season 8…  (I didn’t intend for that to rhyme.)

Soon we will see posters, trailers, clips and more.  Rumors will swirl about how it will all end.  The final release dates will be revealed.  We’ll dissect the episode titles and speculate on who will survive based on mere words.  We’ll record and listen to podcasts.  We’ll write blogs and create content focused on the show we all love together.

We thirst for more about the books and the show.  We dive into the history, the mythology and the legends of Westeros.

Because Game of Thrones is part of us now…

The truth is, the long wait for Game of Thrones Season 8 will be worth it.  But then it will all be over.  I look at 2018 as a prime opportunity to train my mind to accept the fact that this brilliant show will end.  And when it’s all over, I’ll wish for long waits like 2018 to return.

So humbly I say, take your time Game of Thrones.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye in 2018.

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2 thoughts on “2018: A Year Without Game Of Thrones (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

  1. DarkSister , Even in the books it”s clear she”s a conqueror not a ruler. She even says so herself that she”s tired of the people of Meereen. She”s a typical white saviour. I think Dany is on a very negative path in the books as well as illustrated by the Meereenese blot blog. She”s in it for herself in the end and, in my opinion, that never ends well in Grrm”s world. The whole “dragons plant no trees thing, the whole “if I look back I”m lost. She knows her dragons are forces of destruction(if they”re monsters so am I), how can she start a new age with monsters of the old age used to subjugate people. The fact that she”s unwilling to learn not only from her own mistakes but also the mistakes of her ancestors tell me that she isn”t on a positive path. Whether she turns it around at the end has to be seen but I don”t think she”ll ever be queen in Westeros. I”d consider the house with the red door more likely but seeing as the show hasn”t done anything with that at all, I”m guessing she dies with the throne in sight.

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