5 Big Things That DIDN’T Happen In Captain America: Civil War

5 Big Things That DIDN’T Happen In Captain America: Civil War

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[Spoilers For Captain America: Civil War Ahead]

In the months leading up to the release of Captain America: Civil War, there were countless rumors about characters, plot details and more.  Now that the movie is here many of those rumors have been proven false.

Whether it’s misinformation or last minute rewrites, we’ll never actually know which rumors may have been true.  For example, it was long rumored that Bruce Banner/Hulk would be included in Civil War.  It was speculated his role would be small and it was eventually revealed to be true.  He did have a scene but it was cut to save the big guy’s story for Thor: Ragnarok.

I have to say, as excited as I am for a Thor/Hulk buddy movie, I would have loved a big green update in Civil War.  Ultimately, there wasn’t room for the Hulk and that’s understandable.  But Bruce Banner’s inclusion/omission isn’t the only rumor/theory I’m still curious about.

Vision Didn’t Leave Earth

I thought this one had the strongest chance of coming true on this list.  That was before Vision’s speech about the Mind Stone and the power it contains.  At that point, I thought he would leave Earth at the end of the film in search of answers.

He doesn’t even have to pop up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Thor: Ragnarok. (Although that would be awesome)  He could be the opening action scene of Avengers: Infinity War (Or whatever they end up calling it.)  Vision vs Thanos with Thanos claiming the mind stone for his Infinity Gauntlet.

Boom…  Except Vision is still on Earth cooking terrible food.

Zemo Didn’t Become…  Zemo?

Zemo’s role in Civil War was exactly what it needed to be.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not even the slightest bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see purple Adhesive-X melt on his face…

But wait…  He’s not dead is he!  So there is still time once Captain America 5 rolls around.  Or Civil War 2?

The Red Skull Was A No Show

Captain America: Civil War is first and foremost, the concluding chapter of a Steve Rogers trilogy.  Who better to be pulling the strings than the Red Skull?  The last time we saw him, the Tesseract’s energy sent him…  Somewhere.  You don’t really think he’s dead do you?

The return of the Red Skull in Civil War’s third act would have been awesome but ultimately wasted in such a crowded film.

Nobody Died

Right.  So War Machine is paralyzed… Kind of?

That’s the most physical damage taken by any Avenger in the film.  Technically he’s just a regular human so even THAT isn’t a big surprise.  What is a surprise is the lack of character deaths in Civil War.  I thought there would be consequences.  At least more than just splitting The Avengers a part.

Joss Whedon managed to kill of Quicksilver so we know it’s possible to ‘die’ in this universe. (Although a certain Infinity Stone may change things)

I really thought someone would die.  Especially Captain America himself.  In the end, it’s not disappointing.  It appears Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are saving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for the upcoming clash with the Mad Titan Thanos.  SEVERAL characters will most likely meet their end when Phase Two comes to a conclusion in 2019.

A New Captain America

If Captain America had sacrificed himself for the greater good (Temporarily of course.  We all know he’s contractually obligated to return for Infinity War) a new Cap would have to rise.

The candidates?

Bucky and Falcon.

The Falcon is the current Captain America in the comics and we’ve actually seen The Winter Soldier hold the shield before.

The Russo Brothers recently commented on the idea of killing off Captain America in Civil War:

“… It also makes him too definitely a martyr and makes it feel like he was right. And we wanted neither side to be right or wrong. We wanted to end it kind of queasy. Both opinions are still standing at the end of the movie.” (Screen Crush)

Steve Rogers may have left his shiny vibranium disc behind but he is still Captain America.  The heart of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

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