5 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Is A Legendary Achievement

5 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Is A Legendary Achievement

Episode VII Spoilers Ahead!

It’s finally here.  Star Wars Episode VII.  The Force Awakens.  Creating a worthy sequel to the original trilogy was a monumental task given the disappointing prequels and enormously high expectations.  But J.J Abrams and his cast and crew created a remarkable film that far exceeded those expectations.

The numbers are staggering.  Box office records are shattered and audiences worldwide are now celebrating one of the biggest cinematic events of all time.  Star Wars is back and it’s absolutely inspiring.


Abrams faced the difficult task of honoring the original films while still establishing a new galaxy moving forward.  The world of Star Wars has never looked better and it’s somehow familiar all at once.

The Empire is now The First Order.  The Rebellion is now The Resistance.  We’ve reunited with characters we thought we would never see again.  We’ve met new characters that belong in this world.

Practical effects brought back a sense of authenticity that was missing from Episodes I, II & III.  Yet cutting edge technology heightens the visuals and the experience of Star Wars.

The Force Awakens looks like a Star Wars movie.  It sounds like a Star Wars movie.  It feels like a Star Wars movie.  The way Abrams expertly balanced every element in the story is nothing short of brilliant.  Star Wars has returned and it’s exactly the way we remembered it.  But it is also new and fun.


Star Wars has always been about adventure.  The prequels lost sight of that.  Political strategy and maneuvering are long gone.  Episode VII is about a journey full of danger, humor and excitement.

Like ‘A New Hope’, it all begins with a droid who carries information vital to the survival of the galaxy.  One by one we are introduced to Poe, Finn, Rey and the adorable BB-8.  Characters that meet by chance and unite to stop evil The First Order.

Along the way, we are constantly being introduced to new worlds in an evolving story about courage and family.  The stakes get higher and higher and the action intensifies thanks to the villainous Kylo Ren, General Hux and the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke.

The story unfolds so organically, so effortlessly that you barely feel the 2 hour+ run time pass.  Each scene builds on the one before it.  Every character has a purpose.  Not a single moment is wasted.

And all because a little droid has a map to a long lost hero…


I love the approach J.J Abrams and his team took setting the tone for The Force Awakens.  The galaxy has evolved.  The Sith and the Jedi have passed into legend.  They are shadows and myths.  Relics of a lost world not seen for decades.

With Luke in exile, there are only rumors of The Force.  The dark side and the light.  In this way, we are free to discover the force all over again through new characters.  One of the best elements of the original trilogy Luke’s emergence from humble moisture farms to become a powerful Jedi.  We have now embarked on that journey again but it’s new and fresh and (quite frankly) awesome.

Through Rey (and Kylo), we are able to ask new questions about the nature of the Force and the rich mythology behind it.  What does the first Jedi temple look like?  Are there more ‘awakenings’ in the universe?  Will Luke train her?  What’s become of the Sith?  The possibilities are endless now that Episode VII is here.


It’s amazing to see Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and Luke on the big screen again.  But their screen time is used sparingly and strategically to allow new characters to emerge.  It’s another balancing act J.J Abrams perfected.

Especially when it comes to the story of Ben Solo.  As Rey embraces the light, Kylo Ren is haunted by it and struggles with his past as the son of Han and Leia.  It’s a unique twist on Luke’s struggle to resist the dark side.  Ben struggles to repel the light.  He aspires to achieve the same power as his grandfather, Darth Vader.  His journey is tragic but is he redeemable?  One might be quick to say no given his actions in this film but this is exactly why Episode VII succeeds.

Unpredictability is back in the Star Wars universe!


There has never been an event like Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.  Never in the history of film has a project been scrutinized so heavily every single step of the way.  But they did it.  The reviews are spectacular and audiences are falling in love with Star Wars all over again.

They actually managed to deliver on a level of hype no film has experienced before.  From the moment Disney purchased Lucasfilm right up until it’s release people were watching.  Hoping for something special.  Hoping for a film to see over and over again.

J.J Abrams brought us back to a galaxy far, far away.  He showed us new worlds.  He introduced us to incredible new characters while reminding us why we love characters like Han so much.

Who knows what the future holds for the franchise moving forward.  For now, history will remember this moment.  Impossible expectations were met, records were broken but most importantly, we’ve only just begun!

Welcome back Star Wars.  I missed you.


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