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5 Reasons Why The Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer Is Awesome & 3 Reasons Why It’s Not

5 Reasons Why The Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer Is Awesome & 3 Reasons Why It’s Not

When they announced the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot in 2014 I had high hopes.  I was obsessed with Ninja Turtles.  I had all the action figures, I taped every episode of the cartoon and I was addicted to the movies.

I was disappointed in the reboot.  The movie should have been called April O’Neil & Some Turtles Once In A While Maybe…  It featured a lame story and The Shredder was a complete disaster.

Still, it made enough money world wide to merit a sequel.  I may have disliked the first film but I’m happy they got the chance to try again.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows looks like a ton of fun!  But it isn’t perfect.



I’ve never watched Arrow but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Stephen Amell.  His portrayal of Casey Jones looks a little goofy but that’s a good thing.  Of course, Michelangelo is jealous of the hockey obsessed vigilante and that will make for some great moments.


I’m willing to bet The Shredder in the first film was NOT Oroku Saki.  All they have to do is state that this IS Oroku Saki and I’m sold.  Give him a bad ass (but reasonably realistic) costume and he will be a force on screen.  I’m willing to forget that awful fake Shredder ever existed along with his stupid heavy metal armor.  You’re dismissed stupid original Shredder!

(We also get Foot Soldiers who are actual ninjas now.  So that’s something.  Tiny details matter folks!)


What is The Shredder’s end game in this new movie?  My guess is he is on a mission to open a portal to Dimension X.  In doing so, I believe we will get our first glimpse of the Technodrome and maybe Krang!  This will tie into Turtles 3.

I’m hoping all those giant metal pieces flying around New York unite to form one of the coolest play sets I had growing up.


As a child, I never understood why Bebop and Rocksteady were not featured in Secret of the Ooze.  They managed to create okay replacements in Tokka and Rahzar but it made no sense.  (Also they were BABIESSSSSSSS) Why bother telling a story that featured two new mutants if the fan favorite characters were locked up due to complicated film rights?

Well…  Turtles fans are finally getting what we’ve always wanted on screen.  Bebop and Rocksteady!  What’s that?  Oh yeah, it’s a giant angry rhino driving a tank in a river.  Boom.


I didn’t get the new Turtles during the first movie until this scene in the elevator.  It was funny and you instantly understood that these turtles were brothers.  That is missing from the rest of the movie because it focused SO MUCH on April O’Neil.

This trailer alone did enough to convince me that’s no longer an issue.  This will be an action packed, goofy and fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.  The series never really took itself seriously but this time they are fully embracing the campy heritage of the franchise.



I realize April O’Neil is an integral part of the Ninja Turtle’s canon.  But let’s face it, who REALLY played with April O’Neil action figures growing up?  It’s about the turtles. I’ll never understand why they forcefully tied her origin story to the origin of the Turtles.  They didn’t need to do that.  Her character can be just as strong without the connections to the Turtle’s past.

April is all over the place AGAIN in this trailer.  She just HAPPENS to meet Casey Jones.  A lot of screen time will most likely focus on that relationship.  She just HAPPENS to find herself in the lab when Bebop & Rocksteady are created…  You get the idea.  She’s a reporter.  That makes sense.  Enough with the coincidences because the plot needs it garbage!


This was a wasted opportunity.  Get rid of all the junk hanging off their shells and simplify their design.  Did they do it?  Nope.  They’re still awkwardly tall and full of gadgets, belts, weapons, can openers, extension cords, sweaters–  He’s STILL wearing a hooded sweater around his waste!?  You’re telling me in all this time Michelangelo refuses to leave the sewer without tying a sweater around his waste?


Maybe it’s the camera angles…  Maybe it’s the lighting…  Maybe it’s the physics…  Maybe it’s just too early to call these ‘finished’ visual effects.

But, like the first movie, something feels off about the CG.  I realize these are fully rendered CG turtles, rhinos and warthogs but they don’t look like they are actually standing in the scenes.

Except that tank shot at the end.  That’s pretty awesome.


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