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5 Things I Want (or Don’t Want) In a New Star Trek Series

5 Things I Want (or Don’t Want) In a New Star Trek Series

It was announced recently that CBS has confirmed that a new “Star Trek” television show has been given the green light and will be due to premiere in 2017. (Via Screenrant)

It will have been 12 years since “Star Trek” was on the small screen on a weekly basis, and with the recent reboot of the series through the new movies, it seemed a move like this might be inevitable. Details on the new show are obviously scarce, but here are 5 things I’d like to see (or NOT see) from the new series.


While Enterprise did some good things in its short 4 years, it was hard to properly place it as a true “prequel” to The Original Series (TOS). The main reason of course was basic aesthetics.

For Enterprise (ENT) to have a shot at being a success it clearly needed to be made to look at least a little more modern than TOS, however at the same time when you compare the two series’ it is obvious the one that is supposed to take place earlier in time looks more advanced.

That was a major issue with me in making a series that is supposed to take place before TOS; that show was made in the late 1960’s, of *course* ENT was going to look more advanced than that, and therefore messed up my continuity. This is without even mentioning newer television production techniques, CGI, etc.

So if you’re going to do a new series, PLEASE don’t try and set it before a show that was produced during a time televisions were still broadcasting in black and white.


When you think about it, the fact they even felt they needed to expand on the outstanding job Leonard Nimoy had done with Spock is kind of ridiculous, but understandable. Tuvok was a part of the Voyager crew, and we learned even more about the Vulcan culture and their customs.

Tuvok was also pure Vulcan, where Spock was half human, so we can see the reasoning behind exploring that idea. When ENT announced that one of their crewmembers was going to be a Vulcan, T’Pol, it was a bit of a “haven’t we already done this?” moment.

Yes ENT was set before the Vulcans and humans had truly teamed up, so naturally having one serving on the “first” Enterprise would make sense. Nevertheless, after 3 seasons and 6 movies of Spock, and another 7 seasons of Tuvok, how much was there really left to tell? So, we had 4 more seasons of exploring Vulcans and their heritage and what makes them tick. At this point, there really can’t be much left that is a surprise. No more Vulcans.


If the new series is anything like the rebooted movies and they are just going to conveniently create an “alternate-universe-so-we-can-change-the-characters-and-tell-our-own-stories-and-disregard-5 series’-and-10 movies-worth-of-storytelling” – I’m out. (Can you tell I’m a bit of a loyalist to the original?)

Create NEW characters.

And don’t be afraid to tip your hat to the universe so many other people before you enjoyed and worked hard to create, which has lasted nearly 50 years.


Please. No more breathy ballads to the “faith of the heart.”


Television has changed over the years. Not only how it’s made but how it’s viewed as well. With multiple platforms and methods available, it’s much easier to watch every single episode of a show now and not worry too much about missing an installment.

With that in mind, many shows now tell much larger storylines stretched out over an entire season, sometimes over an entire SERIES. Star Trek had traditionally stayed away from the big arcs and been mostly a standalone format. Then Deep Space Nine was the first to try an ongoing arc with the Dominion War. The entire premise of Voyager (getting home) was a kind of long story arc. Enterprise tried a story arc for a season as well. With a new “Star Trek” series being produced in today’s landscape, it would be nice to see a good mix of both formats. That way you can still have a larger story at work…but still have your monster/anomaly of the week.

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