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All Eyes On The Nintendo Switch But Where Are The Games!?

All Eyes On The Nintendo Switch But Where Are The Games!?

Nintendo burned me pretty bad when they released the Wii U.  I opened it on Christmas morning and immediately hooked it up.  That’s when Nintendo’s awful online system reared its ugly head.  The system was virtually unplayable for literally days as it struggled to update poorly implemented firmware.

Still, it was a brand new Nintendo system and I was willing to give it a pass.  I played New Super Mario Bros U, bought some of my favorite NES classics from the virtual console (again) and revisited my Wii library.

Within a few weeks, I had exhausted all that the Wii U offered that interested me.  At the time, I played the majority of my cross platform games on Xbox 360.  I was forced to make an exception when I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  Again I was disappointed with a lackluster amount of people playing on the system.

Months went by…  Nothing they released interested me anymore.  The few games that did make it to the system were ports of older games.  It was depressing.  A brand new Nintendo console collecting dust because the big N failed to provide GAMES!

The biggest problem with the Nintendo ecosystem of games is that it largely depends on first party software development.  The giant 3rd party developers abandoned the system early on.  It was up to Nintendo to deliver a steady stream of worthy games.  They didn’t.

It took years before they finally released Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros U…  It turns out, that was the Wii U’s last gasp before suffering a quiet death.

As you can imagine, I was skeptical when it came to the Nintendo Switch.  Until they released the debut trailer for the device.  I wasn’t sold but I there was hope.  A chance to play AAA first (and third) party games on my long train rides to and from work.

Then the January 12th, 2017 event happened.

What happened?  Nintendo delayed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to avoid the Wii U.  They also kept their new Mario adventure behind closed doors.  Nothing of note was being released on Wii U in the last 6-12 months.  Even the 3DS lineup was drying up.

I was expecting monumental announcements for GAMES.  Price, battery life and accessories aside, I wanted to see the next generation of Nintendo GAMES.

They announced The Legend of Zelda as a launch game.  I’ll be able to play that on the Wii U if I really want to.

Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing but it’s not coming out until Fall 2017.  But seriously?  Can we all just admit that this game is all but guaranteed to be a first quarter 2018 title?

What else do you have Nintendo?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Kind of interested?)

Sonic Mania is trying really hard to stand out…  Almost too hard.

Fire Emblem Warriors (Not really that interested?)

Splatoon 2 (Not interested)

Mario and Zelda aside, let’s talk about their BIG new Franchises:  1-2 Switch & ARMS.  Bundle these two games with the system and you might have something.  I have no plans on buying either of them.

Let’s not forget the ‘repackaged’ Wii U games.  From a business standpoint, I get it.  Nobody played games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.  Not on the scale Nintendo hoped at least.  But those shouldn’t be a reason to buy the switch.  They aren’t killer apps anymore.

A couple Dragon Quest games.

The NON Special Edition of Skyrim…  Played it years ago.

EA jumped on stage to reveal a Switch version of FIFA…  That’s something if you factor in portability but why would I play that on a TV when I’ve got an XBOX One that delivers far better performance.

The rest of the third party ‘support’ included ports of games we can already play.

So…  To sum up the abysmal event, Super Mario Odyssey is the only Switch exclusive that interests me?  The majority of the games coming in 2017 are playable elsewhere right now.  Even Zelda will be playable on older hardware I already own.

I NEEDED games.  Donkey Kong, Metroid and more notable Nintendo franchises are missing.  What the hell were they doing these last few years?  Where are the games?

XTRA | What would a Legend of Zelda Netflix series look like?

Forget their iconic franchises for a moment…  Where are the NEW franchises?  ARMS doesn’t count!  What happened to innovation?  Where are the NEW games?  PS4 is about to release Horizon: Zero Dawn.  A game that will likely take its place alongside mainstays like Uncharted and God of War.  Nintendo is clearly relying solely on nostalgia giving us (solid) but repetitious versions of old franchises.  I wanted something new…

I get that many people in the world are excited for the games they announced.  I’m not.  Personally, Nintendo’s Switch event was a huge let down.

Now I’m forced to wait for E3 2017 in June to find out if they really are hiding a couple gems.  There’s too much riding on the Switch for Nintendo to take their foot off the gas.  They needed a AAA title once every few months at minimum.  (Third party games included of course.) What will Switch owners be doing in July?

I wanted a definitive mic drop.  Here are the CAN’T miss games coming THIS YEAR.  Do you see more than 2?  Maybe 3?  Zelda, Mario…………. The end?

Still, even now, I have hope that Nintendo will finally turn things around at E3 and finally make our brains explode…

Until then, I’m not in any rush to pre order the Switch.  Even if they include a virtual console, there isn’t enough on board memory without an expansion and COME ON! I’m not buying Super Mario Bros 1-3 AGAIN on another system.  Which reminds me…  I’m not even going to get into the lack of details surrounding their new account system, trophies/achievement support and paid online play…  (Are there even games to play online during the console’s “free trial” period?

This whole thing is a mess…  See you in June Nintendo…  It better be good…

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