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Am I Excited Enough For Star Wars Episode VII?

Am I Excited Enough For Star Wars Episode VII?

I’ll admit right off, I’m not the biggest Sci-Fi fan, especially compared to the other two guys on this site.  I’ve never seen Star Trek, I never watched The X-Files and I’ve made my feelings known about my Lost debacle.  Star Wars though, I like.  I remember watching them ALL the time on old VHS tapes.  Return of the Jedi was my favorite.  I think it was the Rancor, that scene fascinated me.  I’ve been told that is the wrong scene to call my favorite but I’ll just go on thinking the people who say that are losers.

So that brings me to The Force Awakens.  The hype surrounding it is immense but I don’t feel like I’m excited as I should be.   Why?  Well, because I don’t think it’s Star Wars.  I was content after the original 3 ended.  The good guys won.  They beat the bad guys.  The end.  This to me feels like a whole new movie that just happens to be called Star Wars.  Although the original cast is set to appear, it is going to be a whole new set of characters.  Maybe it was the release of the prequels that ruined it for me. Did they really do anything for anyone?  Did it have any content you cared about?  Did it answer any questions you needed to know?  The answer for me is no. The only thing I wanted to see was how Darth Vader came about and they certainly didn’t need 3 movies to do it.

What about now?  Maybe my “under excitment” comes from the fact that I don’t have any questions that need to be answered?  The end was cut and dry, they didn’t make it seem like Vader lived and was able to slip away.  The Death Star blew up.  That’s it.  I don’t need to know what happened to Leia, Han and Luke, I assumed they lived very happily ever after with all their little Ewok friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still end up watching the movie but probably after a few months have passed. I’ll probably end up going with one of the other nerds that has already seen it 3+ times.  My fear is that it will just be another Sci-Fi movie that I won’t be into, like a host of others I have no interest in.  Like the prequels.

Hopefully I am wrong and I absolutely love the movie but there is the chance that I walk out thinking that it wasn’t necessary.  I will say that all of the hype has made me want to watch the originals again, but sadly I don’t have them and they aren’t on Netflix for some ridiculous reason.



Why the excruciating wait for Star Wars Episode VII makes me happy.

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