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AMAZING Websites For ESPORTS News, Features, Highlites & Video!

AMAZING Websites For ESPORTS News, Features, Highlites & Video!

The world of ESPORTS is fascinating.  It’s more than video game fans gathering to compete.  It’s an entire culture of events spanning multiple mediums.  The emergence of ESPORTS can be seen in sold out arenas around the world, events can be streamed online and broadcast on television.

Built around the world of ESPORTS is an entire network of leagues, YouTube channels, Twitch streams and more.  On the web, the popularity of ESPORTS is soaring.

Personally, I’m an average gamer.  I won’t be making millions of dollars playing Call of Duty or NBA 2K17 any time soon.  But I am obsessed with the rapidly growing industry.  Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual consumer of ESPORTS you’ll love the websites listed below.  They represent the very best ESPORTS websites for news, video, reviews, features, highlights and so much more.

I’ll be updating this page as new ESPORTS websites emerge but feel free to comment below if your favorite site is missing. (Note: A few sites were omitted due to inactivity or a lack of new content.)

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BLEACHER REPORT ESPORTS: Bleacher Report is one of the best sports sites on the web. Period.  So it’s no surprise their ESPORTS page features a constantly evolving stream of news, video, tweets and more.

DAILY DOT ESPORTS: A daily news feed featuring the most popular ESPORTS games in addition to video game news, pro player profiles and original features.

ESL GAMING: News and opinion on the very latest ESL Gaming Events and more.

ESPN ESPORTS: One of the largest sports websites in the world also features one of the largest teams of ESPORTS writers and contributors.

ESPORTS HEAVEN: News and in depth original features giving you a behind the scenes look at the world of ESPORTS.

ESPORTS OBSERVER: This site differentiates itself with a wealth of news updates covering the business side of the ESPORTS industry.

GAMURS: Features original articles, news and more in addition to live scores and updates from the latest tournaments.

GOSU GAMERS: All the latest news, scores and standings including in depth player and team profiles.

KOTAKU ESPORTS: One of the premiere video game websites on the web, Kotaku boasts one of the better ESPORTS pages as well.

LAZY GAMER: A regularly updated stream of ESPORTS stories in addition to video game reviews, technology news and more.

MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING: One of the biggest names in ESPORTS.

PC GAMER PRO: An in depth look at ESPORTS from the perspective of the PC Gamer.

PVP LIVE: Covering all aspects of the ESPORTS world including the business and culture that surrounds the industry.

RED BULL ESPORTS: Red Bull is at the forefront of the competitive gaming phenomenon.  Their ESPORTS page covers all the big stories.

REDDIT ESPORTS: Up to the minute stories and conversations fueled by hardcore fans of video games and ESPORTS.

REDDIT ESPORTS NEWS: Even more ESPORTS content from the ‘front page of the internet’.

SCORE ESPORTS: Widely considered to be one of the premiere ESPORTS web destinations in the world.

TSN ESPORTS: Reports, features and profiles on all the biggest ESPORTS stories.

YAHOO ESPORTS: Yahoo brings you in depth news coverage including stats but doesn’t stop there.  Yahoo’s ESPORTS page is also home to a TON of original video content, interviews and more.

WORLD GAMING: Gives you up to date information on ESPORTS leagues and tournaments YOU can join.

What's YOUR Favorite ESPORTS Website?

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