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Ant-Man and the Wasp Set BEFORE Infinity War – PROS & CONS

Ant-Man and the Wasp Set BEFORE Infinity War – PROS & CONS

First of all…  That title logo?  Big fan.  Extra comic-book-y and fits this trailer’s style perfectly.

On to the trailer.  I’ll be the first to admit Ant-Man is one of my least favorite MCU movies to date.  Until this trailer arrived I was 0% looking forward to it.  One of the main reasons for my lack of hype is the release date…  After Marvel’s Infinity War but before Untitled Avengers 4 Movie.

Until this trailer came along, I didn’t see how an Ant-Man movie could follow Thanos‘ grand cinematic conquest of destruction.  It’s already been announced that Captain Marvel, the other MCU film between Avengers releases, is set in the 90s.  So that film gets a free pass on the timeline issues.  (It’s another story when it comes to the Skrulls.) What about Ant-Man?

If this trailer is any indication, Ant-Man and the Wasp is set after Captain America: Civil War and at least a year or two before Thanos attacks Earth.  If that’s the case, Marvel is breaking their own timeline and introducing the ‘flashback’ movie.  A cinematic equivalent of a Lost episode.

So…  Is Ant-Man and the Wasp’s place in the MCU timeline a good thing or a bad thing?  Let’s break it down.


-It may not be set during the aftermath of Infinity War but it could struggle to progress the overall story in the MCU.  That means we might be hitting the pause button for Ant-Man.  That can be frustrating for fans like me who simply can’t wait for more Infinity War information.

-Ant-Man felt isolated.  It wasn’t until Civil War that I truly appreciated the character’s place in the MCU.  Thanks to the timeline alone, this movie may feel just as isolated as the original.

-Mainstream (Read: Non Obsessive) Marvel fans might get a little confused?

-Is there really a lot of Civil War ‘fallout’ story left to tell?

-The villain, Ghost, already feels like a one off character.  How will she play into the future of the MCU given the state of the timeline?  We all know Yellowjacket didn’t do much for Marvel’s villain problem.  Thanos is a villain that took YEARS to set up.  Ghost has some big shoes to fill to follow up the devastation he’ll leave in his wake.

-My main concern is the disconnect from the main threads of the MCU.  But Marvel has proved 3 times in 2017 that entertaining movies can exist without Thanos mentions or cameos. (Guardians Vol 2, Homecoming, Ragnarok)  But the fact that Infinity War is nearly here still left me feeling disappointed following those films.  How are we going to feel when we are literally in the MIDDLE of the Infinity War and we have to go back in time to tell a story?  Unless it connects in meaningful ways.  I just don’t see how you pull it off without feeling disjointed.  Buuuuut there’s a reason I don’t make millions of dollars to make movies that earn billions.


-Nobody is safe in Infinity War.  If Ant-Man 2 is indeed set before talk of Infinity Stones and Gauntlets begins, then then any character in the film could theoretically die.  I think this could be a potentially HUGE advantage for the film.  I’m almost ready to guarantee Ant-Man dies in Infinity War now.  The emotional investment in a film starring a character who is already dead brings with it massive foreshadowing and creative storytelling possibilities.  Of course, we all know the Time Stone exists so nobody in the MCU is ever really dead…  It would still add an extra layer of drama to the Marvel`s summer sequel.

-The film may be isolated but at least the timeline frees up the narrative from explaining the state of the world post Thanos.

-Black Panther tees up Infinity War nicely.  Especially with Wakanda featured so heavily in the film’s first trailer.  Ant-Man has the potential to RE-INTRODUCE Infinity War by leading directly into it…  Again.  We can follow Scott Lang’s path all the way to the moment he dies (he’s gotta die right?) in the film.

-Now that we’re playing with time, isn’t there a cool way to mention an event in Ant-Man that we won’t see until 90s based Captain Marvel arrives in March 2019?

Finally, the biggest pro is that Ant-Man was always supposed to be different, isolated and disconnected.  Maybe that feeling is intentional.  He is an incredibly small hero who can show audiences things no other Marvel hero can.  The question is, how will Marvel use that power to further their grand tale?  How will Ant-Man and the Wasp be positioned when the summer blockbuster season ends?

What do you think?  Is it a smart move setting Ant-Man before the events of Infinity War?  Does that feel like an interruption or a welcome distract before Avengers 4 arrives?  Let us know in the comments below!

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