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Are There Any Surprises Left For Game Of Thrones (Plus Season 8 Predictions!)

Are There Any Surprises Left For Game Of Thrones (Plus Season 8 Predictions!)

Will Game of Thrones be the Biggest Payoff In TV History?

Will Game of Thrones be the Biggest Payoff In TV History?

Embracing The END of Game of Thrones

Embracing The END of Game of Thrones


The seventh season of Game of Thrones as a whole felt like an entire season’s worth of episode 9s the series has delivered for years.  We got massive battles, huge reveals and the main players are all lined up for the final 6 episodes coming in some time in 2052…

When the 8th season finally premieres, we will have a relatively short amount of time to deal with the Night King and his army before settling who will rule Westeros.  (Assuming anyone is left alive of course)  The question is, will there be more?

Before we get to season 8, let’s talk about the five biggest moments of season 7 and how they set up future events.

5. More Houses Fall

House Baratheon is long gone.  House Bolton went down in the Battle of the Bastards.  This season, we said goodbye to House Tyrell, House Frey and House Martell.

The game of thrones has claimed so many victims along the way but now only a few houses remain.  House Stark (with the remnants of House Arryn), House Lannister, House Greyjoy and the budding seeds of a rejuvenated house Targaryen.

Four (ish) houses.  Two against two.  It’s hard to imagine a tale that began with so many locations to visit has been simplified so greatly through incredibly violent twists and turns.

But…  Here we are…  Standing at the edge of the Great War with so few great houses remaining.  (Special Bonus: Littlefinger won’t be complicating things anymore either!)

4. Westeros United

Those remaining have pledged to put their differences aside and unite against the Night King and his enormous army.

Team Westeros can boast (in theory):

-The battered remains of house Stark with reinforcements from House Arryn and the remainder of the Northern Noble armies.

-Mother of (two) Dragons Daenerys, her Dothraki horde and the Unsullied.

-The Greyjoy naval force (essentially useless in the fight against the White Walkers)

-The Lannister Army (And if Cersei wakes the hell up, The Golden Company too.)

I mean…  Even on paper their chances look less than favorable.  Nevertheless, on paper, they are united.  Or are they!?

3. Wildcard Cersei

If only it were that simple…

Cersei may have pledged her army to help fight the Night King but she has no intention of following through.  Euron Greyjoy is off to collect the Golden Company.  A mercenary force that will reinforce a Lannister army in need after Daenerys and Drogon fried The Loot Train.

So Queen Cersei will wait for the White Walkers to decimate the remaining armies of Westeros and pick up the pieces when it’s over?

Jaime was right to claim that whoever wins in the North will travel south and kill them.  That prospect of death will show Jaime that Cersei must die in order to protect the rest of the living.  It’s a tough choice but one made easier if the baby inside her belongs to Euron.

2. Shattered Walls & Ice Dragons

This moment doesn’t need much explanation.  The Night King’s army is ready.  He has thousands of undead soldiers at his disposal in addition to giants, creatures and, of course, Zombie Viserion.

The wall has fallen.  The White Walkers are moving south.  The Great War begins.  Winter is here.

1. Aegon Targaryen Revealed

The most significant reveal of the series was somewhat telegraphed when Gilly revealed Rhaegar’s annulment and subsequent marriage to Lyanna Stark.  Fans already knew the revelation confirmed Jon Snow was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.  What we didn’t know was Jon’s true name: Aegon Targaryen

We now know Robert’s rebellion was built on a lie.   A single act of true love between Dragon and Wolf caused the entire plot of A Song of Ice and Fire to unfold. This final surprise will have fans buzzing with anticipation as we speculate how the news will affect the central characters on the show.


The stage is set.

Now that we know Jon’s identity and the majority of the big houses have been destroyed, what’s left to discover except how the battle will end?  Are there any surprises left for Game of Thrones?

At first glance, asking that question sounds like a criticism.  I don’t mean to suggest the final season won’t be amazing.  I just wonder how many big ‘twists’ are left to uncover.  Let’s start with a crazy but posssssssible(?) theory surrounding our favorite three-eyed Raven.

Could Bran be the Night King?

It’s a popular theory that many fans are actively dissecting.  Could Bran’s connection to the Night King reveal how the big bad was created?  Could we get a time-travel-hold-the-door type moment?  Could that type of time travel lead to Bran becoming the Night King?

Will one of the remaining ‘big’ characters die?  Perhaps the real question is ‘how many’ will die?

There aren’t many characters left and most of them are in a handful of locations rather than spread out across the continent.  By the time Season 8 arrives, we’ll have the Great War featuring Jon Snow, Dany and the rest of Winterfell vs The Night King and his army.  The remaining characters are at King’s Landing with the exception of Theon who is still useful in this story, apparantly.

Why don’t we start with Theon.  He’s on the road to redemption and I believe the only way he can achieve that is to die.  He’ll have to sacrifice himself in some sort of heroic situation.  This is Game of Thrones so I’m not suggesting that he’ll sacrifice himself to save Yara.  Odds are Euron will kill her before that happens.  I suppose Theon could be useful in discovering The Golden Company’s presence in Westeros and he could die sending a message to the North.

Unless Jaime tells Jon and Dany himself of Cersei’s deception in person?

There will come a time when Jaime and Cersei will face off once more.  I believe it will involve The Hound killing his brother in the highly anticipated Cleganebowl.  This will open up Cersei to face her brother and he will kill her to take control of the army and help Jon/Dany in one final stand.  It fulfills one of the shows unanswered prophecies.

Speaking of which, the war in the north can’t go well.  There are too many numbers and too much at stake.  Winterfell will most likely fall along with several major characters.  There are simply too many storylines weaving through Winterfell to avoid a White Walker attack.

Many characters will die.  At this point, the only person I think will be safe is Dany.  She’ll have Jon’s child because of course she will.  He’ll become the Prince that was Promised and die bringing the Night King down with him.  Saving the world.

But ultimately, what are they saving it from?  Ultimately, one of the show’s biggest secrets is what the Night King actually wants.  If anything.  Revealing his true intentions would be an amazing surprise. Or he’s simply the cold embodiment of evil.  That feels like a bit of a let down.

Regardless, we’ll see a giant undead army face off against the remaining forces of Westeros several times in the final season.  We’ll no doubt see Daenerys’ dragons face their zombie brother.  I’ve got my money on Jon riding Rhaegal alongside Dany and Drogon.  Perhaps the final confrontation?

The real question I have is whether or not the final season will simply consist of watching all these wonderful set ups pay off.  Watching these battles unfold will be incredible but how much story is left to tell?  How many surprises are left?

Let’s take a shot at breaking down the episodes.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Start the season with a bang.  Tormund and Beric reach Winterfell in time to warn them.  The undead army arrives and the attack begins.  When all hope is lost, Jon and Dany arrive to fight them off but Winterfell is surrounded.  While it’s quiet, Bran and Sam finally tell Jon who he really is.  We’ll get the answer to ‘how will Dany react?’ and ‘Will Jon want to sit on the Iron Throne?’ and ‘How will it affect their burgeoning relationship?’

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

Jaime arrives in the North just in time to witness the violent destruction of Winterfell.  Jon, Dany and their allies flee and watch the fortress fall.  It’s agreed they need to regroup and reinforce.  Jaime leaves for King’s Landing accompanied by Tyrion and the Hound.

Jon and Dany are visited by Melisandre for one final reveal.  Which one is the Prince That Was Promised?  This is when we find out who it is and what they have to do.  Spoiler?  They have to kill the Night King.

This feels like a good place for Melisandre to die in gross old age form?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

I have always wonder if we’ll get a Bran/Night King flashback episode.  The story could easily intercut with the heroes of Westeros planning their final defense in the present.  We can see how the Night King came to be along with the creation of the Wall and more exposition from the Children of the Forest.

This leads to the discovery of ‘whatever’ will kill the Night King.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Jaime learns that Euron is the father of Cersei’s child.  Sensing betrayal and refusing to help fight the Night King, she unleashes The Mountain but The Hound intervenes and prevails.  In the aftermath of Cleganebowl, Jaime faces Cersei one last time and kills her.  Or Tyrion does.  Either way.

The remaining forces of the Lannister army join the Golden Company and head to the final battle.

Meanwhile, the majority of the Northern resistance have gathered in The Eyrie.  Jon rides Rhaegal alongside Dany and Drogon to find whatever ‘thing’ the Prince that was Promised needs to defeat The Night King.  They are met by the man himself riding Zombie Viserion.

The two on one air born battle is devastating and Rhaegal dies.  The Night King destroys whatever ‘thing’ they needed to defeat him and Jon, Dany and Drogon flee.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5

The episode begins with the all out attack on The Eyrie but thanks to Jaime, the majority of the living forces have fled to King’s Landing for the final stand.

Bran finds the Children of the Forest and they play a big role in the finale.  (Somehow?)

The stage is set for the final battle.  Living vs Dead.  It’s the most spectacular battle in televised history.  Heroes fall and just when everything appears to be lost, Jon rises up and finds a way to kill the Night King…  Except here’s where my biggest problem comes in and could result in an awesome surprise.

I seriously hate that they are suggesting killing the White Walkers eliminates the Wights they turned.  Theoretically, killing the Night King could bring his whole army down.  That’s my worst nightmare.  If it happens I’m sure I’ll be entertained but I don’t want a quick fix.  I just hope it’s more complicated than that.

Whatever shape that complication takes, I believe it will lead to Jon’s death.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6

With the Night King defeated, what remains of Westeros begins to pick up the pieces.  I think it will involve the true claims to the Iron Throne and the seven Kingdoms.

Dany will reveal she is pregnant with Jon’s child and she will be Queen until the Dragon/Wolf grows up.  The rest of the stories are wrapped up with as many ‘happy endings’ as possible.

Dany has a baby boy and names it Jon Targaryen first of his name.  The heir to the Iron Throne.

The end?


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