Black Panther Might Have An Infinity War Problem…

Black Panther Might Have An Infinity War Problem…

The latest Black Panther trailer has arrived and it’s pretty great.  The world of Wakanda is amazing and T’Challa himself is flipping off more cars than ever!  Come February, I think Marvel fans will be treated to something unique and fun.  Very much the same effect the original Guardians of the Galaxy had on the MCU.

Unfortunately, I think, Black Panther will suffer from the looming presence of Marvel’s Infinity War.  Much like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The next Avengers film will likely become one of the biggest films of all time.  It represents the beginning of a 22 film culmination concluding in 2019 with Avengers 4.  Basically, it’s a big deal.  How do you not look passed a standalone story like Black Panther due to sheer excitement for what’s next?

The Infinity War problem doesn’t necessarily affect films like Thor: Ragnarok.  Thor & Hulk’s team up adventure likely won’t focus on setting up the Infinity War but it will certainly lead directly to it.  Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t set up any big plot points in Infinity Was aside from positioning characters and relationships moving forward.

Black Panther is literally about an isolated country and a power struggle within.  It’ll be hard to introduce cosmic elements in a story like that.  That doesn’t mean Black Panther won’t succeed.  It looks like a strong focused story that will deliver on every one of Marvel’s promises.

This trailer does an especially good job establishing T’Challa’s mirror image villain Killmonger.

My biggest issue with Marvel villains is they tend to operate in the background while the main heroes establishes ‘his story’.  The villain is responsible for obstacles along the way but they usually don’t have a big clash until the final act.  I want a Marvel villain to be strategic and physical throughout.  I want multiple encounters that gradually get bigger and better.

If this trailer is any indication, Killmonger will be present throughout the film’s action sequences.  It’s time we had an epic showdown right before the mother of all epic showdowns when Thanos arrives.

Regardless of my excitement for Black Panther and OVERWHELMING excitement for Infinity War, I think Marvel is poised to deliver something special in the next year.  Phase Three has never looked more promising and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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