Can The Terminator Franchise Be Saved?

Can The Terminator Franchise Be Saved?

Top 10 Moments - The Terminator

Top 10 Moments - The Terminator

Top 10 Moments - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Top 10 Moments - Terminator 2: Judgement Day


Bring on Terminator 6 or Terminator 3 version 2?
by Jason

The Terminator franchise started strong and then it got even stronger with a sequel that, I believe, far surpassed it’s predecessor.  Unfortunately, we all know what happened after that.  Terminator 3 wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for as John Connor and company finally caught up to Judgement Day.  That movie ended with SkyNet’s rise unleashing nukes around the world.  It’s just a shame the movie didn’t succeed in setting up the franchise for a bright future.

Subsequent Terminator sequels muddied the waters even further.  The result was a convoluted timeline and 3 separate attempts at resurrecting a franchise that didn’t need to be saved.  Terminator peaked when director James Cameron delivered arguably one of the greatest sequels of all time.  Indeed, when the dust settled, fans realized the sequels killed the franchise.  The question is, can it be saved?

Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation and Terminator: Genisys all failed to recapture the spirit of the first two films and there’s a good reason for that.  James Cameron.

Now, the visionary director (currently taking 78 years to complete Avatar 2-5) has returned to produce a brand new sequel-reboot-relaunch for director Tim Miller (Deadpool)  Arnold is back.  Linda Hamilton is back.  James Cameron is back.  It all sounds too good to be true.  In all honesty, it probably is but there has never been a greater time to hope for the best.

The idea for the sequel is to, of course, spawn a new trilogy of films.  I think they are already getting ahead of themselves but I respect the starting point.  This film is rumored to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  That sounds great but it all depends on the approach.  The last time a sequel like this came along, it was Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.  A film that attempted to build on the foundation of the Donner films of old.  We all know how that turned out…

Still, you can’t doubt James Cameron’s track record for delivering explosive and entertaining films.  I just keep reminding myself he returned for a reason.  Linda and Arnold returned for a reason.  Tim Miller turned down Deadpool 2 for a reason.  The concept has to be good.  Right? …  Right!?

Will the REAL Terminator 3 please stand up!


Hasta la Vista, Terminator
by JB

The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day are fantastic movies. The stars were in their primes. The director was breaking new ground with effects work (for the time). The stories were exciting. Before the days where everything had to be part of a trilogy, a series and a cinematic universe, there were ONLY two Terminator movies. It should have ended there.

As we all know, money talks. If there is half a chance a movie is going to make money (even if solely based on a concept or story idea), odds are it’s going to get made. This is what happened with every other Terminator movie since the original duo. It’s been over twenty-five YEARS since Judgement Day. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines even established that Sarah Connor had already passed away. What ridiculous, convoluted story twist are they going to employ to explain the reappearance of Linda Hamilton?

Yes, James Cameron is responsible for some of the biggest moneymaking movies of all-time. Sure, Avatar was an “amazing success” in CGI and visual effects. But has everyone forgotten how absolutely horrible and reused the story was?? Is the return of James Cameron to another Terminator film REALLY going to make it that much better, with returning stars that are in their 60’s (Hamilton) and 70’s (Schwarzenegger)?? 70’s!!

Is the world so “starved” for more Terminator stories that we are resorting to this? Have we forgotten the debacle that was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull? Has the recent disaster that was Alien: Covenant already been forgotten? Time has moved forward. We need to learn to LET GO. Sometimes, you just can’t go back. The window has closed. I’ll be forever satisfied with the original two classics.

It is clear that the Terminator “franchise” has been failing miserably for a while. What can the studio do to get people to come back? I know, lets get the original stars and director attached to the new one to encourage people to come to the theater. I hope I’m horribly wrong, but I’m going to lay odds that the story is going to fall short (again), and this new movie isn’t going to be able to hold a candle to the first two.

But hey, Cameron, Hamilton and Arnold aren’t going to be too worried about it. At this point in their careers, it’s just another payday.

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