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Can We Just Admit That GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Kicks Ass So Far?

Can We Just Admit That GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Kicks Ass So Far?


Right.  So we are halfway through Game of Thrones Season 6 and it has easily surpassed my already high expectations.

I haven’t been disappointed by a single episode and momentum is only going to pick up!  Some may argue that we haven’t seen an event like The Red Wedding or Blackwater yet but the season is only half over!  Yet we’ve been given so many insane moments already!  I can’t even imagine what the showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss have in store for us in Episode 9.  An episode that traditionally contains the biggest moments of the season.

Honestly I’m beginning to think the remainder of Season 6 will be Episode 9-like jaw dropping television events.  This is simply because episodes 1-5 have been so damn good!

Hold the door!

EPISODE 1 – The Red Woman

A near perfect season premiere.  A typically slower episode as most GoT premieres must establish where many groups of characters are in the world.  Yet still we got the disturbing reveal that Melisandre is actually about 947 years old, wrinkled and old…  Also old…  Great moment.

EPISODE 2 – Home

The biggest moment of this episode may have been predicted by many fans but that doesn’t take away from it’s brilliance.  The writers staged the resurrection of Jon Snow flawlessly.  It was an incredible sequence that had me questioning whether Melisandre’s magic would work.  Another part of me thought he ‘warged’ into Ghost but I was wrong.  Either way, we have our hero back!

What surprised me most about this episode was how quickly this event happened.  We all expected Jon Snow to return but in Episode 2?  I would have guessed minimum Episode 6.

Let’s not forget we also get to dive deep into the past to ‘potentially’ find out who Jon Snow’s mother really is!  It’s good to have you back Bran.

EPISODE 3 – Oathbreaker

Again…  This season the writers are pulling no punches.  I thought for sure we would spend an Episode away from The Wall and the Night’s Watch.  But the episode began with Jon Snow revealing himself to his friends and his enemies.

The rest of the episode was spent moving key characters around.  It didn’t feature a ‘giant holy crap’ moment but they can’t all be game changers!  Regardless, we got great scenes at King’s Landing, Vaes Dothrak, Meereen and more.

EPISODE 4 – Book of the Stranger

Right…  So Daenery’s storyline leading up to this episode was coming dangerously close to Dorne levels of… Meh…  Then it happened.  She reminded us all what a bad ass she is.  After 5.5 seasons we are still waiting for her to gather enough strength to sail to Westeros.  We may be waiting a while longer but she has yet another army under her fiery command.  Her destruction of the Khals was absolutely epic.

Oh and Jon Snow reunited with Sansa!

EPISODE 5 – The Door

Wow.  Who would have thought the origin of Hodor could be so emotional yet spawn so many hilarious memes on the web.  I’ll miss Hodor but, as a secondary character, he got a phenomenal send off.  ‘Hold the door’ will go down as one of the most memorable moments of the entire series!

I’ve obviously left out a TON of storylines and characters.  I didn’t mention larger than life characters like Tyrion, Arya and more.  That’s the genius of Season 6.  So many massive events have already transpired yet we have arguably one ‘slower’ character episode (Oathbreaker).  The rest of the season has been action packed and absolutely shocking at times.  (We know who created the White Walkers now!)

If momentum continues to build this could end up being my favorite season thus far.  We still have five episodes left and I can’t wait!

Dammit Game of Thrones kicks ass.  What a show! I just wanted to put that out there.

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