Cinematic Universe Sins: Holding Back Major Characters For Sequels

Cinematic Universe Sins: Holding Back Major Characters For Sequels

The first teaser trailer for Tom Hardy’s Venom is still bugging me.

I can’t get over the fact that Sony dropped the ball by not giving us the slightest glimpse of the anticipated anti-hero film.  Eddie Brock will no doubt be the focus of the story but this is not how you tease such a risky comic book movie.

People will already be confused by the connections to Spider-Man and the MCU as a whole.  Others won’t even know the title Venom refers to a comic book character.  It could literally be anything.

Sony has a giant mountain to climb to sell this film to the masses.  They’ve already hit a home run in terms of casting as far as I’m concerned.  I totally buy Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

The big problem is the latest rumor suggesting that Carnage is purely a set up for the sequel.  According to The Hashtag Show, Kletus Kasady won’t be introduced until an end credit sequence.

“Brock will find himself in San Quentin prison, located just to the north of San Francisco. At San Quentin, it appears that Kasady finds himself under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who introduces him to Brock but cautions him to keep his distance. From what our source is telling us, it is during this meeting between Brock and Kasady that a portion of Brock’s symbiote begins making its way towards Kasady before we are cut to black!”

Carnage vs Venom is an epic battle that should span multiple films.  Why hold back?  Why do we have to endure another ‘universe establishing’ world building film?  Why not bring out Carnage right away?

It’s frustrating.

Sony already tried building a cinematic universe BEFORE creating a ‘good’ first installment.  The result was a failed Spider-Man franchise that led to Marvel re-aquiring rights to Peter Parker.

DC made the same mistake when they failed to include Darkseid as Justice League’s main villain.  Nobody cares about Steppenwolf.  Stalling in order to save Darkseid for a sequel was a HUGE mistake.

Sony is swimming in similarly dangerous waters with their Venom experiment.

BUT…  There is hope.

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Christopher Nolan held back using The Joker in Batman Begins and it worked to perfection.  The start of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy set up a world where a very specific adaptation of The Joker could exist.  The skill was crafting a solid story for Batman Begins and Nolan succeeded.

It’s proof that you can hold back on a major character as long as you put the right focus on story in Chapter 1.

Sony’s failed Spider-Man franchise spent too much time looking ahead to future movies and spin-offs.  I’m hoping they won’t make the same mistake twice and give us an Eddie Brock/Venom movie worth watching.  A movie worthy of a sequel.

Simply put, I’m tired of depending on Rotten Tomato scores and box office hauls dictating movies that include characters I really want to see.  I would rather see Carnage vs Venom play out over 2-3 films.  An epic struggle.  However, after the dismal teaser trailer, I’m not sensing a lot of confidence from Sony’s camp.

They really need to blow the doors off the next trailer and give fans something to look forward to.  If the rumors are true and it ISN’T Carnage, we’ll need something.

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