Count Me IN For Annihilation

Count Me IN For Annihilation

While out to see Blade Runner 2049  I happened to catch the trailer for an upcoming movie called Annihilation.

I don’t know who or what Annihilation is…but I’m in.

Upon seeing the first few shots of the trailer I was immediately interested.

The music is haunting. The atmosphere is mysterious. The cast looks to be solid, led by Natalie Portman. She was fantastic in Black Swan and V for Vendetta. (I’m choosing to ignore the Star Wars prequels. As we all should.) You know you’re going to get a good performance out of her. Oscar Isaac is dynamite in almost anything he’s in.

I must admit much of the time I’m not sure what I’m looking at. But director Alex Garland killed it with Ex Machina and earned my trust there, so I’m confident the same quality will come from Annihilation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer so mysterious and threatening be so colorful.

Who knows, trailers over-hype movies every day. It could be the same thing happening here, but I’m intrigued.

Either way, the book this movie is based on by Jeff VanderMeer is now on my Christmas list.

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