Darren’s Top 3 Horror Movies

Darren’s Top 3 Horror Movies

I’m a horror movie fan.  It’s basically the only genre or movie that can lure me to the a theatre these days.  I’m not really the superhero type like my colleagues.  Now I won’t go to see every one that comes out, because I find that the audience can make or break the horror movie experience.  I’m sure at some point on this site the, Jay or I will re-live our “Paranormal Activity 2” night.

I’ll say it right now, I’m not always a fan of the classics. I mean, I could barely get through the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  It just seemed like a girl at a table screaming for an hour.  I look at horror movies like music, just because something is considered a “classic” doesn’t mean I think it is good.  I don’t think a song or a band can’t be good because they didn’t spend 15 years belting out tunes in their garage.  If I hear it and it gets me going, then I consider it good.  Same with horror movies.  I know what I’m getting in to when I go to see it, I don’t need a critics score of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes telling me the acting was sub-par, or the lack of plot or character development was tough to get through.  Really?  The guy with the machete didn’t grow as a person?  Damn!  I was kinda hoping for a Good Will Hunting type of growth from the half human serial killer!  I know I’m not going to see Inception when I dish out my cash to see Insidious.

Anyways, I just saw a trailer for Sinister 2.  I was a big fan of the first movie, although I was not super pumped with the ending (I seem to have that problem recently with horror movies), and it got me thinking about what horror flicks I liked the best.  So here they are..

3. Paranormal Activity

A big plus for me in a horror is if it attacks you when you are your most vulnerable.  And when are we more vulnerable then when we are asleep!?!?  If you saw this movie, you know damn well you were uncomfortable going to sleep that night.  Every sound you heard had you’re head spinning like a top.  Every creek you in the house was no doubt a demon just waiting for you to go to sleep.  It messed with you at a time when you had no way of knowing what was going on.  Also, I mentioned theater experiences earlier.

Paranormal Activity gave me the best movie going experience I have ever had.  The silence when the stationary bedroom cam came on was amazing.  People sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting.  And the end scene, my GOODNESS, the end scene, with the stomping coming up the stairs, every single person in that theater was holding their breath.  Also, the look on Kate’s face when she is on the bed after getting “bitten” and says they don’t have to go to the hotel that night.  Chilling.  It stayed with me for weeks!

2. Saw

Yes, I know the acting was not Oscar worthy at times, but I discussed that above.  This one lands on my list because of the ingenuity and the way the movie got you and made you feel like, well, basically an idiot.  The “tests” as they were, were very creative, and you always wanted to see the next puzzle Jigsaw had in store.

The ending of this movie still tops my list as the best horror movie ending of all time.  How did I not know that!?!?!?!  How did I miss it.  I actually stood up off my couch and yelled at the TV when that dude stood up.

1. Jaws

Yes, it’s not all that conventional.  I don’t get why people don’t consider this a true horror movie but to me no horror did it’s job better than Jaws.  If the point of a movie is to move you, make you think, change you, then Jaws did that better than any other horror movie in the history of film.

It literally scared an entire generation of people from going into the ocean, or hell, going into a lake, a pond, a swimming pool at night!!!  I mentioned vulnerability before, and the only thing worse then being vulnerable when you don’t know what is happening is being vulnerable when you DO know what’s happening.  Humans are not really at full capacity, ability wise, when we are in the water but the 40 foot monster shark thirsty for blood with hundreds of razor sharp teeth is, and they ACTUALLY exist.

Jaws did it’s job better then any other horror movie has.  I’d wager the majority of you still look out into the water and have a moment of doubt about going in because of this movie.

4 thoughts on “Darren’s Top 3 Horror Movies

  1. I like these movies! I dont however agree with Jaws being a horror movie! Its a great movie and in its day it was one of the scariest movies made. Today though I wouldnt categorize it as a horror. I would like to see what your 4th and 5th were that didnt make the list!

    • Though it’s not a “typical” horror movie…I still believe Jaws is in fact a horror movie. I understand why you wouldn’t agree…but as far as I’m concerned, if a movie scares me THAT much for THAT long (my whole life) then a horror movie it is.

    • Jaws did what every “horror” movie strives to do today. It scared a generation of people (re: Colin). It took something very real, and made it seem that it could happen to everyone. Granted, other horror movies can scare you, but not everyone is afraid of ghosts or the paranormal in real life, so sure, while watching a movie involving that, it is scary at the time, or even for a few days afterwards, but Jaws left you wondering, every time, before you stepped foot in a body of water, what was out there. You have to go outside the box of what you traditionally call a horror, but no movie before or after Jaws has had the lasting effect that it had

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