Did The Last Jedi Hurt The Hype For SOLO: A Star Wars Story?

Did The Last Jedi Hurt The Hype For SOLO: A Star Wars Story?

Let’s face it… We already know how Han Solo’s story ends. That’s the worst part about a prequel. Han Solo lives. We know that. So does Chewy. So does Lando. Which basically means anyone who means something to Han will likely die in the movie. Sorry Emilia Clarke but I don’t have high hopes for you. The only chance the movie has to really create any type of suspense rests on the supporting cast and the obstacles placed in their way.

I’ll be honest, the trailers aren’t doing much to create any real sense of ‘must see’. It’s crazy to me that a STAR WARS movie might just get relegated to ‘ON DEMAND’ status.

But my question today is focused on The Last Jedi. As divisive as the prequels (but still way better in my opinion) Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII split fans who wanted answers and those who appreciated the risks the director took. But the movie’s reception overall took a big hit the second half of Snoke fell on the floor. It took another big hit the second we found out Rey’s parents were Mugles. It took an even bigger hit when fans wondered why Holdo didn’t just tell Poe her plan. It would have eliminated an otherwise useless detour to Canto Bight.

The Last Jedi was definitely a successful movie. I didn’t hate it as a standalone film but it killed the momentum created by The Force Awakens by completely ignoring the plot threads J.J Abrams crafted. Part of me now wonders if Colin Trevorrow was removed from Episode IX so Abrams could ‘retcon’ the mysteries he developed. But then again, Lucasfilm did give Johnson an entire trilogy of his own…

Whatever the future holds for the main saga’s conclusion, The Last Jedi slowed down the juggernaut that is Star Wars. That didn’t bode well for SOLO, a film that already changed directions with Ron Howard coming in and nearly reshooting the entire film. With a largely absent marketing campaign it’s not surprising that the temperature of the internet towards the film is lukewarm at best.

If The Last Jedi left some mysteries hanging and perhaps even included a mild cliffhanger, I think SOLO would be strategically placed to fuel the Star Wars canon. Instead, I find it hard to believe that Solo will lead to speculation. I can’t avoid the fear that the film will create more plot holes than it fills other than explaining the… golden dice. I just don’t see how the mythology of Star Wars benefits from telling THIS backstory.

As always, I hope I’m wrong but SOLO definitely has an uphill climb. The trailers aren’t the greatest. It’s a prequel to a story with an ending we already know. It has the potential to create plot holes in a story we love and that’s scary.

BUT Rogue One proved there are ways to make a prequel work. The difference is the actions of those characters affected the larger Star Wars universe in an impactful and meaningful way. Watching Solo win the Millenium Falcon might be cool but it isn’t changing the way we see this galaxy far, far away. It’s just giving visuals and details to something we already know.

So what do you think? Would the hype be stronger for Solo: A Star Wars Story if The Last Jedi was better received?

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