Do I Want The X-Files to Return?

Do I Want The X-Files to Return?

Not long ago FOX executives stated that work is underway to bring The X-Files back for another abbreviated run, and I can’t help but ask: Do I want it to return?

If it does indeed come back, this would be the 11th “season”, following up the 6 episode-long endeavor from January 2016.

Yes. “Endeavor”. That’s all I’m willing to call it.

The X-Files return was a massive disappointment in my eyes. The episodes were disjointed, our heroes seemed distant, and quite frankly: the stories were weak. The casting of Joel McHale was such a bizarre call, and almost took me out of it immediately. I don’t even watch “Community”, but I’ve seen him enough on late night television to know that his forte is comedy, so right away I wasn’t buying it.

The introduction of the two new, younger agents in Miller & Einstein didn’t connect with me at all. I fell in love with this show during it’s original run because of the two main characters, and to see the writers try and introduce us to what are supposed to be newer and younger incarnations of Mulder & Scully seemed lazy and unwanted. Not to mention Agent Einstein (not sure why it was thought that would be a good name to seriously go with) was extremely annoying.

I’ll take responsibility for the fact that I thought the episode titled “Home Again” was going to be a follow-up to one of the most notorious and popular episodes during the original run, “Home”. That one is on me. And while it was nice that they brought back Scully’s mother, to have an estranged long-lost half brother all of a sudden be part of the picture felt like it’s only function was to conveniently serve the plot, and didn’t add any emotional weight to the situation. How can we buy Scully’s pain when we’re hearing about this character for the very first time after the show had originally run for 9 seasons with no mention of him before?

Scully seemed so reserved throughout the entire revival, almost brittle, as if she were about to break into a thousand pieces at any moment. Age is no excuse either, as she’s full of vigor and backbone in her on-going series, “The Fall”. On the flip side, any edge or seriousness Mulder had has faded away. A lot of his expressions seem extremely passive now, and his combo of a hard-nosed look delivering a great one-liner seems to be a thing of the past. Now of course I’m not going to blame people for getting older, that would be ridiculous. It’s part of life. And indeed, it was seeing the pairing of Mulder and Scully again that was a huge reason I watched those 6 new episodes. It was a fun reunion and a reminder of what these two characters have been through all these years. Which leads to another issue I had: the “finale”.

Mulder and Scully have always worked best when they were together, tackling the bizarre and paranormal on a united front. So why did they have to be split up for the majority of that final installment? Almost any scene they had “together” was over the phone, which isn’t really what I tuned in for. And (spoiler alert if it hasn’t already happened) how many times can The Smoking Man die and come to life again?? Really? And with Agent Reyes (whom it was awesome to see again) helping him all this time? Seriously?

If the slow deterioration of The X-Files during seasons 8 & 9 weren’t enough, I simply can’t support more sub-par hacks at trying to recapture what once was.

My answer has to be: No.

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