Every Marvel Hero Ranked Before The Infinity War Begins!

Every Marvel Hero Ranked Before The Infinity War Begins!

The Infinity War is finally upon us.  All those movies.  All those heroes.  All leading to one of the craziest cinematic events of all time.  You would think that it would be difficult to deliver something worthy of such impossibly high hopes.  But that’s what makes even the idea of Avengers Infinity War such an ambitious undertaking.

All of the MCU’s biggest heroes in one film against a villain we’ve waited years for Marvel to unleash.  The Mad Titan Thanos.

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Today we countdown Marvel’s heroes leading into the epic Infinity War.  For the sake of the list, there are a few minor players set as honorable mentions for various reasons.  Namely:

Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Wong, M’Baku, Nakia, Okoye, Shuri etc…  Some will play roles in the Infinity War and may rise into future lists but for now, mentions they remain.  I’ve also left off characters like Nebula who ‘might’ become a hero and Captain Marvel who has yet to appear.

22. The Wasp

Wasp will be interesting as rumors suggest she won’t appear in Infinity War.  Even Ant-Man has largely been absent form the marketing materials.  The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp seemed to suggest the film is set before Infinity War begins.  If Wasp isn’t going to appear, maybe the Time Stone will play a part and the pair will arrive in Avengers 4.

As for her ranking, Hope Van Dyne ranks lowest because we’ve met her but haven’t seen her in action other than the trailer.

21. Mantis

Mantis is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy and she was extremely useful in the fight against Ego but she’s a question mark in the Infinity War.  My guess is we will see an entirely different side of her in Infinity War but her ranking probably won’t rise until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 arrives in Phase Four.

20. War Machine

The last time we saw War Machine he was falling from the sky.  The resulting crash left Rhodey crippled and struggling to walk.  Thankfully, technological advances in the MCU will surely cure him fully before Infinity War begins.  I don’t see him getting too many big moments in the film.  Hopefully he gets a few moments to shine or, at the very least, a couple playful digs at Tony Stark.

19. Falcon

It’s surprising just how much Marvel has done with Falcon since his introduction in The Winter Soldier.  The character was featured in a key post credits scene in Ant-Man before playing a central role in Civil War.  He’s not quite positioned for his own film yet but Falcon’s stock is rising.  I think his friendship with Steve Rogers will play a big role in Infinity War.

18. Ant-Man

I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, Ant-Man would be my least favorite Marvel movie.  I like the character and the casting but the film itself did little to establish Scott Lang’s place in the MCU.

All that changed in Civil War.  Ant-Man was used sparingly but his big (literally) moments stand out as some of the most memorable.

When it comes to Infinity War, Ant-Man is largely absent from the marketing materials.  To me that means, he’s relegated to supporting role or he doesn’t survive Thanos’ impending attack.

The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp seemed to suggest the film is set before Infinity War begins and just after Civil War.  We’ve already (mostly) confirmed that Wasp will not be a part of Infinity War.  To me that means Ant-Man might be an early casualty.  Perhaps the ‘Coulson’ of Avengers 3.

This will lead to a huge boost for Ant-Man and the Wasp before his inevitable return thanks to the Time Stone in Avengers 4.  In short, Ant-Man could play a crucial role in the future of the MCU or remain a supporting player in the big team ups.

17. Groot

James Gunn recently stated that the Groot we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is actually Groot’s son.  Now a teenager, Groot will no doubt exist as comic relief in Infinity War.  Groot ranks on the low side because we have yet to see a fully grown Groot.  They aren’t going to kill him again so he likely won’t reach his full potential until Vol. 3.  Until then, he’s tough, funny and has the potential to pack a strong emotional punch.  That’s a triple threat that will gain him more than a few big moments in Infinity War.  I’m especially excited to see his interactions with Thor.

16. Hawkeye

I keep going back to the first Avengers film where Hawkeye and Black Widow discuss their place among Gods, monsters and aliens.  No doubt he will be outclassed in the Infinity War but he’s important because of the family we met in Age of Ultron.

Hawkeye has become the voice of reason and I think he’ll be one of the casualties as a result.  He already left his family once to help Captain America in Civil War.  The stakes have never been higher and there is no better way to illustrate that then taking him away from his family for good (Read: Until time resets in Avengers 4 and he returns? … question mark?)

15. Gamora

In the comics, it’s Gamora who plays a big part in destroying Thanos and I don’t think that will change in Avengers 3 & 4.  She has one of the biggest claims to seek revenge alongside Drax.  If that’s the case, I’m guessing her story will likely play out in Avengers 4 and we won’t hear much from her in Infinity War.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see her in full ‘bad ass’ mode during the big battles.  Not to mention key scenes with Nebula.

14. Bucky

Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier AKA The White Wolf is poised to take a big jump in the MCU rankings.  His friendship with Steve Rogers may be the closest bond of any two MCU characters to date.  The former villain is now (presumably) free of his ‘programming’ and free to truly rise as a key hero in the MCU.

Will we see him pick up the shield should Captain America fall in Infinity War?  Personally, I think it will happen.  What better way for Tony and Bucky to set aside their differences than Stark giving back the SHIELD he took in Civil War?  It has the potential to be an incredibly strong scene of forgiveness in the face of destruction.

13. Vision

Vision is a GIANT question mark in Infinity War and that’s what makes the character so intriguing.  That stone is coming out of his head.  What will remain when it’s gone?  Will Vision die?  If he survives, will he retain his powers?  No matter what, we will see an evolved version of Vision moving forward.  It’ll be very interesting to see where the Russo Brothers take this character next.

12. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff has always been hesitant to be a hero.  It’s Hawkeye who convinces her to join the fight in Age of Ultron.  A battle that left her without a brother.

In Civil War she doubted her abilities after inadvertently killing innocent people trying to stop an explosion.  I think this struggle will continue until Vision’s fate is revealed.  Whatever that fate may be will either be a catalyst or set her on a  path to isolation.  My money is on the Scarlet Witch fully unleashing her powers in the Infinity War.

11. Drax

Drax’s role in the Guardians films is primarily as comic relief but he has vowed to kill Thanos.  My guess is the jokes will disappear when/if he comes face to face with Marvel’s big bad.

Before that happens, I expect him to boast at least 4 of the 10 funniest lines in Infinity War.  Especially if he meets Tony Stark.

10. Black Widow

Of all the characters on this list, I think the death of Black Widow might be the most shocking to fans if it happens.  Precisely because she’s a well liked and virtually untouchable in battle.  If she does meet her (temporary?) end in Infinity War, I think it will be at the hands of Thanos’ children in the big Wakanda battle shown in the trailers.

Essentially her character will survive and be a bad ass or get killed being a bad ass.  That’s why she ranks so high.

9. Rocket

Rocket plays a huge part in Guardians of the Galaxy because his back story is so heartbreaking.  It fuels his anger and I can’t wait to see what he says to Thanos or any of the heroes he deems to be ‘idiots’.  Rocket is already popular but against these odds?  With that mouth?  He can rise even higher.

8. Spider-Man

The Iron Spider.  It’s hard to believe there was no Spider-Man in the MCU.  That’s a testament to how expertly the Russo Brothers included him in Civil War.  It’s also a testament to how well Spider-Man: Homecoming integrates his story into the MCU as a whole.

Now it’s time to see what he’s capable as the Avenger he’s always wanted to be.  The character is already poised to launch Phase Four in a post Thanos world.  He’s easily one of the most important characters in the MCU and will likely learn some important lessons as he watches heroes fall all around him.

7. Thor

Thor: Ragnarok was a little disappointing because it began with a mention of Thor’s quest for Infinity Stones and then abandoned the tale completely.  The film itself was amazing but Thor’s knowledge is too important to stifle any further.  It seems like he’ll share most of his screen time with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War.  I think that will be after he witnesses the death of Loki at the hands of Thanos.

Left for dead, I think we’ll see Thor like we’ve never seen him before.  Angry and determined.  A perfect mental state for the Guardians to annoy the crap out of him:)

6. Star-Lord

One of the biggest moments in Infinity War could be when Peter Quill sets foot on Earth for the first time since his mother’s death.  I don’t see it happening until Avengers 4 but no one (other than Captain Marvel) can boast strong connections to the galaxy as a whole and Earth.  Other than Iron Man, I’m excited to see him share the screen with Doctor Strange.

Star Lord is one of the largest characters in the MCU and his presence will be felt in Infinity War one way or another.

5. Doctor Strange

Not only is Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s also in possession of the Time Stone and a TON of knowledge.  He’ll be crucial to the plot of Infinity War for exposition before unleashing his inter-dimensional powers (and humor) on Thanos and his army.

4. Black Panther

Thanks to his first solo film’s meteoric rise in the all time box office charts, Black Panther is now one of (if not) THE most important franchise for Marvel.  Wakanda is now a key battle ground in the Infinity War with a strong King ready to defend it.

Marvel may not have predicted Black Panther would become such a cultural phenomenon but I hope they did.  He needs to play a central role in the story of Infinity War and I suspect he will.

3. Hulk

Marvel Mega Producer Kevin Fiege recently stated that Hulk has a three film story arc that began in Thor: Ragnarok and will conclude in Avengers 4.  To me, that virtually guarantees that Bruce Banner and Hulk will face impossible obstacles in Infinity War.

Many have speculated (myself included) that Hulk and Banner will separate at some point.  Likely thanks to Stephen Strange.  Or perhaps Banner banishes Hulk for good.  This can only lead to the ultimate sacrifice unleashing Hulk at Earth’s lowest moment and losing himself in the process.

2. Captain America

To me, there’s no way around it.  Captain America will likely die in Infinity War thanks to a heroic act that gives hope to Earth’s mightiest heroes.  It’s the best way for him to make a triumphant return in Avengers 4 before hanging up the shield for good?

Personally, I want to see another Captain America movie in Phase 4.  He embodies the very best Marvel has to offer and his courage will surely carry most of Infinity War.  I can’t wait to see him come face to face with Tony Stark again.

1. Iron Man

Since he started the MCU in 2008, Tony Stark has been the center of the universe.  Larger than life characters like Captain America, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord and Black Panther have come along but it always comes back to Iron Man.

He’s deeply connected to every single Avenger with the exception of The Guardians and will no doubt be the undisputed star of Infinity War.  The question is, how much story is left to tell for Tony Stark?  Could Thanos’ arrival mark the beginning of the end for Iron Man?

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