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Finally! The Walking Dead 8 Episode Negan Beatdown Is Over!

Finally! The Walking Dead 8 Episode Negan Beatdown Is Over!

I get it.  The entire first half of the season was designed to beat Rick into submission.  To humiliate and terrorize his group until all hope was lost.  Except almost all the main characters disagreed and wanted to fight back immediately!  … But watching Glenn and Abraham get beaten to death with a baseball bat wasn’t enough for Rick.  Not enough to reach his breaking point at least.

So we took a slow journey where main groups of characters were missing for multiple episodes at a time.  We focused on the struggle against Negan from as many angles as possible.  Until the mid-season finale finally arrived to end the snail paced madness…  (Madness?)

The final episode of the fall was another extra-long episode that gave us a few tense moments but Negan finally crossed the line.  In a weird way, in his cruel and violent acts, he was being fair.  Carl killed two of his men, Spencer tried to have Rick killed and Rosita shot Lucille in the face!

I believe it was the vicious beating Aaron took that really opened Rick’s eyes.  The Saviors are more than just Negan’s sadistic laughter.  They are more than a baseball bat.  Daryl summed it up perfectly pointing out that each Savior isn’t in it to survive on what they have.  They are in it to survive on what EVERYONE has.  They want it all.

It’s only a matter of time before The Saviors attack.

That’s what frustrated me about this season.  I think Negan is an amazing character and his scenes were tense and fascinating.  But we didn’t need to watch eight supersized episodes of torment before Rick finally woke up.  I’m thinking 3 maybe 4 tops? Buuuuuuuut the pacing was purposely slow…  Again…

It isn’t the first time we’ve suffered through a slower half season.  But this was supposed to be NEGAN time!

Still, The Walking Dead writers did manage to wrap things up and position the main characters for a better second half.  It’s a funny phenomenon about this show.  Each episode by itself is slow featuring storylines that take time to develop.  It can be frustrating when you can see through the suspenseful plot points.  It’s hard to resist the fast forward button at times.  But when you look back on everything that happened in the first half of season 7, it’s strangely necessary.  All of the sudden, all the slower scenes make sense.  They had to happen in order to believably unite characters from Alexandria, The Kingdom and The Hilltop.

I feel like a broken record at this point.  Every half season for the last few years have been increasingly disappointing.  Yet The Walking Dead always manages to deliver solid finales that promise more excitement down the road.  Even if it is an extremely long road.  I feel like I keep getting dumped but every time a reunion is possible, I jump at the chance.  I didn’t like this season overall yet I’m still excited to see what happens next.

Should we suffer through…  Screw it!  I’ll say it!  BORING episodes in order to justify one or two good hours of television?  I sincerely hope the second half of season 7 delivers.  I’m getting tired of making excuses…

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