Hilarious Movie Parody Channels On YouTube

Hilarious Movie Parody Channels On YouTube

When I’m looking to kill time, I usually take a tour of the YouTube channels featured below.  Each of them are creative, unique and absolutely hilarious. Check them all out and watch the hours float by.

Union Pool

Union Pool creates animated content featuring popular series like 30-Second Bunnies & Tvoovies.

Check out Union Pool here.

College Humor

College Humor is responsible for some of the best cinema parodies in recent memory including one of my personal favorites below.

Check out College Humor here.

Cinema Sins

Cinema Sins created the hugely popular series, Everything Wrong With…  Some of the mistakes they point out are quite clever and always entertaining.

Check out Cinema Sins here.

How It Should Have Ended..

How It Should Have Ended is an immensely popular series which features animated alternate endings for a wide range of popular films.

Check out How It Should Have Ended here.

Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies created one of my personal favorite web series on the net: Honest Trailers.  They get big bonus points for two reasons. (1) They take requests. (2) The stellar voice work from Jon Bailey.  (Here’s a behind the scenes video.)

Check out Screen Junkies here.

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