I REALLY Want To Be Excited For Rogue One BUT…

I REALLY Want To Be Excited For Rogue One BUT…

With the recent full trailer coming out for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I’m still trying to figure out what I’ve been asking myself since the teaser: Am I excited for this movie?

I’m well aware my opinion of The Force Awakens is in the minority. I had doubts from the beginning regarding what it was going to be like bringing back the stars from the originals.

Still, the trailers looked good enough, and the shots of the Millennium Falcon as well as other glimpses of the combat were exciting. They did their job and got me in the theater. It wasn’t until I watched the movie that my massive disappointment sunk in. And this is the danger that now presents itself with Rogue One; the trailer looks great, but I’ve been fooled before – do I fall for it again?

The ships look great. The casting of Mon Mothma looks spot on. The battle scenes look exciting (which include AT-AT’s!).

And of course…a Darth Vader sighting. One of greatest and recognizable movie characters of all time.

But will it all work? The last time we saw Vader on screen he was screaming “NOOOOOOOO!” like a 10-year-old child and made into a complete embarrassment. Will he be handled properly this time?

Apparently you’re not allowed to make a Star Wars movie without a droid, and this one looks like it might just be a taller version of C-3PO, spitting out more seemingly impossible odds. Will they bring some originality to the table?

Is a young Han Solo going to make an appearance? Can you really recast someone to play a character Harrison Ford made iconic?

It looks like a grittier take on Star Wars, which could be refreshing. It’s (supposed) to be a stand-alone movie (to a point), which could be good. I don’t WANT to be here in December writing how Star Wars has once again let me down. I really want to be excited and hopeful and pumped for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

I’m just afraid to be.

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