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I’m Losing Interest In The Walking Dead. Will Negan Change That?

I’m Losing Interest In The Walking Dead. Will Negan Change That?

The Walking Dead has been a fascinating show to follow.  The core concepts remain the same yet every single season manages to reinvent itself and present characters with new challenges.

However, it hasn’t always been perfect.  Several chunks of episodes along the way have slowed things way down.  In all honesty, I almost gave up on the show after the first half of season two.  I would have been wrong to do so.  For every sequence of ‘slower’ episodes, there are amazing runs of historic television.

So when I say I’m losing interest, I know something big is right around the corner.  That’s how I feel about the first half of season 6.  The first few episodes were awesome.  The season kicked off with the group managing a massive horde of walkers.  This led to complete chaos as the first half of the season came to a close.

But…  In between, we dealt with non linear storytelling that stalled the show’s momentum after such a strong start.  Glenn’s story in particular left viewers hanging for weeks.  The majority of fans knew the end result but it took an eternity to reveal his true fate.  Like season two, the first half of season 6 feels like one long setup for larger things to come.

Other than the massive mob of zombies, the first episodes were missing a big villain.  At first I thought the Wolves would become the main obstacle but they were quickly dealt with (For now?).  For me, the show’s popularity was never higher than season 3-4 depicting the rise and fall of The Governor.

Since then, we’ve met a lot of bad people but no one came close to The Governor.  The lack of a focused villain, the multiple narrative approach, the gaps in the storytelling and a few questionable character choices (ahem… Morgan…) caused my interest to fade.

In the end, four episodes built up on my PVR before I finished the season.  That’s always a bad sign when you don’t crush every episode at the earliest possible moment.  At the height of any show’s popularity, sleep doesn’t matter.  You FIND time to watch the latest episode as soon as possible.  Season 6 didn’t have that effect on me.

However, this is The Walking Dead and one of the most infamous villains of the comic series has yet to appear on the show.  A single announcement reignited my interest immediately:

Negan is coming!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the baseball bat swinging foul mouthed murderer and the timing couldn’t be better.

He will be set up as the big bad of season 7 but the build up to his first appearance is more than enough to drive the second half of season 6 to an explosive conclusion.  Once again, like season 2, I believe the show will regain it’s massive appeal after a less than stellar fall finale.

Who is Negan?  He’s a ruthless villain who takes everything from everyone his group, The Saviors, come across.  He swears, he’s remorseless and he kills people with baseball bats.

Whatever you have already belongs to Negan.

I may have lost interest throughout the first half of season 6 but I believe we haven’t seen the best the show has to offer yet.  I believe Negan will make The Governor look Eugene in comparison.  I think the finale of the show’s sixth season will be the best of the series.  Perhaps I never really lost interest at all.  Maybe I was too busy looking forward to the crazy events to come.

Character development has always been the show’s strength.  Slowly episodes are among my favorites of the series.  But characters matter most when they overcome or are overtaken by the challenges they face.

A big, BIG challenge is coming.

The Walking Dead hit a slight bump in the road but now…  That road belongs to Negan.

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