Incredible New Trailer For ROGUE ONE Featuring Darth Vader!

Incredible New Trailer For ROGUE ONE Featuring Darth Vader!

The Best Moments From EVERY Star Wars Movie!

The Best Moments From EVERY Star Wars Movie!

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Star Wars Episode VIII Preview


There are three main reasons why I’m excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  First, the unique style and approach to the universe.  Director Gareth Edwards is giving us a look at war on the ground level with incredible locations we’ve never seen in a Star Wars movie.

For example, I understand J.J Abrams was going for a sense of familiarity before introducing new elements into the Star Wars mythology.  However, I don’t understand why we needed another desert planet.  Jakku serves it’s purpose well but one look at the tropical settings in Rogue One makes me think it was a miscue.

These creative choices gives this film a greater sense of originality.  Especially given the fact that we already know they succeed and steal the plans.  Which brings me to the second reason I’m excited to see Rogue One.  Characters.  The characters have to be amazing if we’re going to invest in a story with an ending we already know.  This new trailer does a fantastic job of shifting the focus to HOW they steal the Death Star plans and what it will cost in the end.

It’s an action packed and absolutely gorgeous look at a movie that could redefine what a shared universe can be.  How will it all connect to Episode IV and the rest of the Star Wars saga?  We’ll find out December 16th!

So what about my third reason to be excited?  Watch the trailer:


The Star Wars prequels turned one of the most complex and sinister villains of all time into a cry baby.  I’m actually a fan of the prequels as a whole but the way Anakin’s journey was portrayed was a betrayal to his character.  It’s baffling to spend three films setting up Anakin’s transformation only to have him decide out of the blue to massacre Younglings.

I believe Rogue One will right the ship.  The ruthless Sith Lord is back and he looks more intimidating than ever!  I don’t think we will see a lot of Vader in Rogue One but his scenes will surely be the most memorable.  It’s Darth Vader in his prime!

Look at him!  He’s back!  Screw you ‘Crappy Vader that yells Nooooooooooooooooooooo’!

Finally, I have to say, Disney is doing an amazing job with their tentpole trailers.  This is another example of how you cut an amazing trailer without giving too much away.

Unfortunately, I must eat my own words…  When Disney released the 2nd full length trailer for Rogue One, I wanted them to stop.  I was already sold.  It was naive to think Disney would stop there.  In fact, it’s almost guaranteed we will get a ‘final’ trailer in December.  Thankfully, this trailer still shows enough restraint to avoid trailers like Batman v Superman’s awful Doomsday reveal.  It was cool but it gave so much of the film’s final act away.  Let’s hope the final Rogue One trailer avoids that pitfall because I HAVE to hit play.  I can’t resist!

It’s Star Wars!

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