Is Deadpool The Key To Recasting Wolverine in X-Men: Supernova?

Is Deadpool The Key To Recasting Wolverine in X-Men: Supernova?

Fox’s X-Men franchise has been a blockbuster mainstay since Bryan Singer launched the series in 2000.  A movie that helped launch modern Superhero movies.  Singer’s X-Men helped establish a core cast of characters but none more popular than Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  For the last 17 years, Jackman has played Logan to perfection and it all culminates in 2017’s Logan.

Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine.

With Logan’s release, Jackman officially hangs up the claws for good.  In his final appearance, Jackman is giving us the Logan we’ve always wanted.  An R rated character study that breaks down the hero like we’ve never seen before.  Many critics have called Logan the best X-Men film of all time but that is a debate for another day.  What is important is Jackman’s contributions to a franchise that finds itself at a crossroads without him.

What does the future hold now that Logan (in his current form) is retired?  I believe the broken and conveniently patched up timeline will hinder the process of reintroducing fans to the Wolverine but it’s not impossible.  It brings us to three main questions:

1 – Can you recast Wolverine alongside the existing cast?

2 – Can the X-Men franchise survive without a frontman like Wolverine? 

3 – Is a full X-Men reboot necessary to establish a new take on the character? 

Let’s go back to 2006.  Bryan Singer already delivered the perfect X-Men sequel in X-2: X-Men United.  Sadly, the director stepped down and Brett Ratner was brought in for X-Men: The Last Stand.  It was an admirable attempt to close out the trilogy but the film was ultimately flawed.  To make matters worse, Fox followed that film with arguably the worst X-Men film of all time: X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The franchise had hit a low point.  Rock bottom.

In 2011, Director Matthew Vaughn stepped up to reboot the series with Singer back to produce.  X-Men First Class was well received and even featured a hilarious Logan cameo.  It was our first hint that the series could survive without Jackman as a leading man.

Wolverine.  Always front and center.

You could argue that First Class was the perfect moment to recast the role of Wolverine.  It’s a testament to Jackman’s charming ferocity that the character endured.

When Singer returned to the director’s chair in 2014 for X-Men: Days of Future Past, the series had reached a new high point.  Led by Jackman’s performance as Logan, the film successfully reset the timeline and erased the mistakes of the past.  With that kind of momentum, I thought X-Men Apocalypse would be a guaranteed hit.  It was supposed to be a clean slate.  It’s ironic that I now associate that movie more with The Last Stand than Days of Future Past.  A movie that helped erase the memories of The Last Stand AND X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

However, Apocalypse did establish the rest of the core X-Men team by casting Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Alexandra Shipp as Storm and Tye Sheridan as Cyclops.  Not to mention the return of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, Nightcrawler and more…

And also… There was Wolverine…

Since the release of Apocalypse, I realized that one of my biggest issues is my lack of connection to the new cast.  The ‘main’ players on Charles Xavier’s team simply haven’t resonated with me.  The new cast felt like supporting characters in their own movie.  In the end, each character found his/her voice but is it enough to carry the X-Men franchise forward?  Especially without Wolverine leading the way?

Rumors have begun swirling that Director Simon Kinberg will helm a new sequel called X-Men: Supernova.  A film that will adapt the Dark Pheonix Saga.  (The storyline clumsily handled in The Last Stand.)  Personally, I’d love to see this classic comic book ark brought to life on the big screen.  It puts Sophie Turner front and center as Jean Grey and gives the rest of the ‘new’ cast a chance to shine.  No more future talk.  No more broken timelines.  Just a simple X-Men ‘good vs evil’ story.

But there’s a problem…

The timeline is firmly established in the X-Men Universe and Wolverine exists.  Can you leave him out entirely and avoid the issue of recasting?  Can you find someone around the same age as Jackman who can step in? It’s not as easy as inserting a font with a cheesy voice over stating “The role of Wolverine will now be played by Jamie Dornan…”

The 50 shades guy can’t play Wolverine!!!

Would people reject the idea of recasting Jackman?  It’s a big problem for Fox.  Wolverine has been along for the ride for nearly two decades.  How can you inject someone new?  On the other hand, how can you leave such an important character out?

Thankfully, there is a solution!  If they do recast Wolverine for X-Men: Supernova, I believe the answer lies in Deadpool.

In 2016, Ryan Reynolds delivered the Deadpool film fans always wanted.  The Merc with the Mouth’s true debut received rave reviews, several Golden Globe nominations and even faint Oscar talk.  Most importantly, Deadpool has the ability to poke fun at the franchise (and pop culture) by breaking the fourth wall.  If you want to recast Wolverine in X-Men: Supernova, you do so alongside Deadpool.

Deadpool will help ease fans into the new reality that Jackman is no longer Logan.  He has the ability to poke fun at the situation.  He’ll criticize Jackman by name for leaving the series in the first place.  Crack jokes about Hollywood franchises and handsome leading men.  He’ll make fun of the new newly cast Logan as unworthy.  Make Deadpool the new center of the universe and slowly, people will accept a new Wolverine.

In Deadpool, Fox has the perfect tool to fix any and all plot holes.  Simultaneously, they have a new leading man to fill Jackman’s shoes while a new Wolverine is established.  First Class proved it IS possible for an X-Men movie to succeed without Jackman (if you don’t count the cameo) but Wolverine is to integral to the X-Men team.

Recast him and use Deadpool to smooth out the wrinkles.

Fox isn’t about to reboot the entire timeline.  They already established a brand new cast.  The time travel elements (AKA Ratner Fixes) are behind us.   It’s time to embrace a new X-Men team.  Especially now that Patrick Stewart has retired from the role of Professor Xavier.

X-Men: Supernova is a clean slate.  A blank canvas.  It has the potential to be everything X-Men: Apocalypse was not.  Cast someone new as Wolverine.  Have Deadpool introduce him to the world while making cracks about replacing the man with a CG render of Jackman’s face.  It’s already exciting enough to think of the quips he’ll make stuck in a PG-13 movie.

In the end, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.  However, Logan is the perfect way to bid farewell.  It’s the Wolverine movie we’ve always wanted.  But it’s time to move on.  It’s time for a new generation of X-Men to take us to new places.  It’s time for the X-Men franchise to evolve.

Farewell Mr. Jackman.  Thanks for an amazing ride.

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