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Is The Blade Runner 2049 Teaser Making Me a Believer??

Is The Blade Runner 2049 Teaser Making Me a Believer??

I’ll start off by being completely honest: when I heard they were making another Blade Runner movie all these years later I didn’t want any part of it.

How can they possibly come anywhere near the masterpiece they made back in 1982? Even the original trailer below doesn’t do the final film NEARLY enough justice.

I first watched Blade Runner in my late teens. I found the movie slow, boring and confusing. I distinctly remember wondering “Why does everyone keep saying this is a classic?”

Welllll then I grew up. (Sort of.)

If there was a Mount Rushmore of science fiction movies, Blade Runner would be on it – and quite possibly front and center. Ridley Scott didn’t just make a movie, he made a FILM. Full of nuance, subtleties and amazing cinematography. The movie was years ahead of its time. The set design and atmosphere that was created was absolutely breathtaking. The soundtrack was perfectly foreign and out of this world – yet beautiful. Blade Runner isn’t a popcorn sci-fi romp; it’s a thinker, it’s deep, it’s near perfection – and in no way did I think it can that be reproduced or replicated (pun intended).

Nor did I think there was ANY need to continue the story. Why does EVERYTHING have to have a sequel these days?

While I enjoyed Ridley Scott’s semi-Alien prequel “Prometheus”, I didn’t think it came anywhere near the original 1979 classic. Harrison Ford’s fourth turn as Indiana Jones was a disaster (and now they’re making a fifth installment??). My thoughts on the revisit to the Star Wars universe 30 years later have been clearly made. Naturally when I heard that Scott and Ford were teaming up again for more Blade Runner my heart sank. “Great.” I thought. “Yet another franchise that’s going to be ruined thanks to not leaving well enough alone.” Any news or details about the new movie I promptly tuned out.

Then I hear that a teaser trailer is out for the new upcoming movie. What the heck, lets take a gander and see how much they are going to screw this up:

Huh. It looks….

….fantastic. *Immediately watches again*

Since I didn’t pay much attention to production details about the movie as they became available, I had no idea Ryan Gosling was going to be in the starring role. I own Drive on Blu-ray, I know what he can bring to the table. I’m behind that decision 100%. Denis Villeneuve is directing. Saw both Sicario and Arrival and was impressed with both, especially Arrival. One of the writers from the original Blade Runner is back for this one. Giddy up. And what may have fully sealed the deal for me: the music. It would seem (at least from the trailer) that they are going to keep many of the themes that made the original soundtrack so effective. Excellent.

I’ve been fooled before. There have been countless trailers I’ve seen for movies that ultimately disappointed me. This could all be smoke and mirrors and I might be right back where I started once I finally see the full movie.

But it’s definitely got my full attention. Bring on 10.6.17!!

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