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Is The Fate Of The Furious Trailer The Worst Of 2016!?

Is The Fate Of The Furious Trailer The Worst Of 2016!?

The Fast and the Furious franchise has been a mainstay for nearly half of my life.  15 years of fast cars, huge stunts and, most importantly, family.  It was only a matter of time before a crack between our favorite NOS powered team blew open.  Since Fast and Furious (AKA Fast 4, Furious 4, Fast and Furious 4, FaFuFo) changed the formula, this series has grown exponentially. Each sequel building on the theme of family and introducing crazier stunts.

The last installment, Furious 7, gave us an emotional farewell to Paul Walker and his character Brian O’Connor.  It also solidified Dom’s firm belief that family comes first.  Every time.

That’s why I didn’t like the first trailer for Fate of the Furious.  I’m still excited to see the film but as a first look?  Garbage.

The majority of the plot is in this needlessly lengthy trailer. For the last 15 years, Dom has preached nothing but loyalty and family.  Which makes it painfully obvious that Charlize Theron’s villain Cipher is blackmailing him.  She’s a super hacker who most likely threatens to take everything away if Dom doesn’t comply.  Or perhaps she makes him believe his family betrayed him.  Even then, when Letty returned in the sixth film, Dom still believed in her unconditionally so he wouldn’t be swayed easily.

So let’s break down The Fate of the Furious:

Act I: The team executes a job and Dom betrays Hobbs so he can go to prison and justify Jason Statham’s presence in the film.

Act II: Dom gives the team hell as they try to reach whatever ‘MacGuffin’ exists in this installment.

Act III: Dom finds a way to break the hold Cipher has on him, unites with his family and they all fight a submarine.

…  I really hope I’m wrong.

Either way, this trailer lays it all out there but it just isn’t believable that Dom would just betray his team.  If I’m wrong and this story line is done well, there are better ways to set things up in a trailer.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Transformers: The Last Knight managed to do it flawlessly.

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