Jason’s Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

Jason’s Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

The show about nothing needs no introduction.  It’s an incredible show that still resonates today.  There will never be another Seinfeld.  That fact was never more evident in my mind than when I tried ranking 10 episodes out of nearly 200 classics.  It’s pretty much impossible.

My first attempt yielded a list of nearly 50 episodes that HAD to be included.  Try narrowing that down to 10!  It’s no an easy task.  While I did eventually settle on a list of 10 episodes I loved, I still question my rankings and episodes I left out.

Still, these 10 episodes have legitimate claims to my personal Seinfeld hall of fame.

10. The Little Jerry (Season 8)

They made an episode about a rooster and somehow tied the storyline into a tale of bounced checks!

9. The Soup Nazi (Season 7)

I would choose soup over a ‘Schmoopie’ any day.

8. The Boyfriend (Season 3)

I love Seinfeld.  I love sports.  When the two mixed together, the show was never better.

7. The Merv Griffin Show (Season 9)

Kramer taking a break to eat chips is among the hardest I’ve ever laughed while watching Seinfeld.  (This would be an honorable mention as well)

6. The Contest (Season 4)

I’m out!

5. The Note (Season 3)

Joe DiMaggio dunks and George ‘moved’.

4. The Hot Tub (Season 7)

This entry is dedicated to anyone who ever tried to set their own mental alarm.  I tried it once and it would have worked but I too hit the snooze.

3. The Dealership (Season 9)

If you haven’t stood in front of a vending machine, stared at the one with the cookie crunch and thought ‘TWIIIIIIIIIIX!!!’ you aren’t a Seinfeld fan.  All I want is an apology and for you to be fired.

2. The Abstinence (Season 8)

In my opinion, this episode contains one of Kramer’s best quotes.  I’ve included the scene as well as the hilarious blooper reel.  If you don’t laugh…  You’re banned!

1. The Marine Biologist (Season 5)

The BEST punchline in the entire series and my favorite episode of all time.  I may have struggled to narrow down a list of 10 but The Marine Biologist was always #1.


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