JB’s Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

JB’s Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

10. The Switch (Season 6)

Such a great plan. Such a great scene. Such a great episode.

Oh yeah, we also find out Kramer’s first name in this one!

9. The Bizarro Jerry (Season 8)

It was always great seeing different “versions” of the characters throughout the series.  Whether it be during the casting of the show Jerry and George were writing,  or “The Chicken Roaster” when Jerry and Kramer started emulating one other. ‘The Bizarro Jerry’ is another great example of that, seeing altered versions of the characters we’ve come to know and love throughout the years.

8. The Barber (Season 8)

Integrating “The Barber of Seville” music into the episode puts it in “upper echelon” status.

7. The Caddy (Season 7)


Jackie Chiles KILLS it every time he’s on the show. Frank Costanza leaves the best phone message of all time. As if that isn’t enough, Frank’s blowup at Steinbrenner for trading away Jay Buhner instead of showing concern for his apparent dead son is pure genius.

6. The Little Kicks (Season 8)

Death Blow. Pontiac GTO. Elaine “dancing”. Enough said.

5. The Merv Griffin Show (Season 9)

Kramer is hosting his own talk show in his apartment using the set of the Merv Griffin show he found in a dumpster. There isn’t really anything else that needs to be said.

Except that I die laughing every time Kramer takes a pause from the show to have a sip of cola and a few chips before returning with…”We’re back!”

4. The Fatigues (Season 8)

Frank Costanza telling Kramer his old “war” story. (compete with the flashbacks) The lighting of the scene… Speechless.

The way the show ties in multiple story lines became its signature and this episode was one of the ultimate examples.

3. The Foundation (Season 8)

It’s Seinfeld characters quoting Star Trek. Worlds are colliding in the most amazing way.

2. The Chicken Roaster (Season 8)

Kramer and Jerry having to switch apartments because of the big chicken roaster sign glaring into Kramer’s apartment is hilarious. Kramer starting to act like Jerry and Jerry starting to act like Kramer as a result is next level hilarious. Getting these guys to basically do impressions of each other but have it relevant to the story and the show is too good.

1. The Race (Season 6)

Being a sprinter in elementary school and my love and appreciation for orchestral movie soundtracks all comes to a head in the final race scene at the end of the episode. John William’s soaring score from “Superman” and Jerry sprinting down the street in slow motion is quite possibly my favorite sequence in the entire run of the series. Also, when George and Jerry “pretend” to run into each other in the coffee shop and cut each other up is absolutely fantastic. “What is that, canvas?”

And this isn’t even MENTIONING Elaine’s communist boyfriend who gets angry at her for getting banned from Hop Sing’s!


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