Lara Croft Is Officially BACK

Lara Croft Is Officially BACK

Soooo just a heads up everyone: Lara Croft is back on the movie screen, and she’s here to stay.

I’ll come clean: when I first saw the trailer for Tomb Raider, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was struggling to see Alicia Vikander being able to play the established over-the-top role of Croft, and video game movies of late haven’t exactly been the most successful. (Warcraft and Agent 47 come to mind.)

Luckily, thirty minutes into the movie I knew they had made the right choice in Vikander.

She brings humilty and a vulnerability to the part of Croft, which makes sense, since this is a bit of a reboot/origin story of the cinematic franchise. She shows remorse, fear, bravery and determination and when she does toss out one-liners, they aren’t groaners. She’s a real, fleshed out character. For the amount of jumping, running, rolling and fighting she does, it’s no woder she’s sporting those abs we see at the start of the film. She also has more violent falls onto the floor in one movie for one character than I can remember seeing anywhere else.

Basing the story on the massively successful reboots of the Tomb Raider video games by developer Square Enix was a smart move as well. Did my knowledge of the game influence my appreciation for the movie? Perhaps. I recognized several elements and nods to the game within the story, but you certainly don’t have to have played the game to enjoy this film. Great casting decisions were made to help the appeal to non-gamers. In addition to the Academy Award winning Vikander, Walton Goggins and Dominic West were brought in, and they did a great job.

Despite what the “critics” think of this movie, I found Tomb Raider refreshing and exciting and a great start to this version of the character’s journey. Let’s keep it going and bring on the sequel. “Jobs to do!”

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