Let’s Play Live: The Documentary Trailer

Let’s Play Live: The Documentary Trailer

Let’s Players, streamers on Twitch & YouTube Gaming & Content Networks have taken video creation to a whole new level in the last few years.  Competitive gaming now rewards champions with millions of dollars in prize money.  Content creators on YouTube make enough money to work online full time.

An entire industry is ready to burst into the mainstream and I’m fascinated.

Rooster Teeth in particular is an absolutely gigantic network with millions of follows.  They create videos, podcasts, let’s play series and so much more.  Today they launched the trailer for an all new documentary I can’t wait to see.  Let’s Play Live: The Documentary.

“The film follows Achievement Hunter as it turns online gaming into a first-of-its-kind live event. It’s a new media rock concert the likes of which have never been seen.”

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