Looking Ahead To The Avengers, Thanos & Marvel’s Infinity War

Looking Ahead To The Avengers, Thanos & Marvel’s Infinity War

10 Questions About Captain America Civil War & The Future Phase Three Movies

10 Questions About Captain America Civil War & The Future Phase Three Movies

Every Marvel Phase Three Movie Ranked

Every Marvel Phase Three Movie Ranked


With the release of Captain America: Civil War, Phase Three of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has officially begun.  Now that The Avengers have gone their separate ways, we now look ahead to the culmination of one of the most ambitious film projects ever.  In all ends in a two part Avengers story that will unite every hero against the most dangerous entity in the universe.  The Mad Titan Thanos!

XTRA | Who do you want to see Thanos fight in Avengers: Infinity War?

The film will be shot entirely in IMAX format and, according to directors, will be two stories instead of one giant tale split in two.  The Russo Brothers also announced the film will be re-titled.  No matter what the films are called we still have YEARS to wait.  Where are the final two Infinity Stones?  When will Thanos FINALLY attack?  How will The Avengers recover from Civil War? Will Marvel’s cosmic heroes join the fight?

Let the speculation begin!


Captain America: Civil War: Splits Earth’s heroes a part ensuring the world will not be ready when Thanos finally strikes.

Doctor Strange: Introduces alternate dimensions and potentially an Infinity Stone (Soul?). Overall, this film will remain largely separate from the main narrative of the MCU.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Will feature our next likely Thanos appearance and further develop the cosmic corner of the MCU.  Two Infinity Stones are in play with the Power Stone on Xandar and the Reality Stone presumably still in the hands of The Collector.  Will Thanos acquire his first Infinity Stone?   My guess is the Reality Stone will be his.


Captain America: Civil War is finally here and a new Phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has begun! We take a look back on Phase Two and the road to The Infinity War.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – No real impact on Infinity War but we will get to see fallout from Civil War.

Thor: Ragnarok – The game changer of Phase Three featuring the first battles of the Infinity War.  Finally, the heroes of the MCU (Other than the Guardians) know that Thanos is coming.  At some point, the Space Stone aka The Tesseract, which is hidden on Asgard, will become a vital plot point.  Perhaps Thanos will launch an all-out attack to retrieve it?

Black Panther – Another likely follow up to Civil War that could feature several scenes functioning as warnings to The Avengers.  Someone is coming.  But most likely this will be a standalone film.


As much as they say these films will be two different stories, I believe that won’t be the case entirely.  I think we will get an Infinity War film set primarily on Earth and another other deep in space.  Let’s get started.

The first sequence in Infinity War could feature an all-out assault on Asgard by Thanos and his minions.  He will successfully acquire the Space Stone.  (If he doesn’t already have it after Ragnarok)

From there, it’s off to Earth where two Infinity Stones await.  Doctor Strange may not possess the soul stone but I’m betting he’ll know where it is.  This will be the first battle between The Avengers and Thanos.  A battle they will not be equipped to win with the scars of Civil War still fresh in their minds.  The battle will be enormous causing monumental destruction to Earth.  Catastrophic damage.  Several of our favorite heroes will fall.  Eventually, The Avengers will regroup, set aside old rivalries and unite for one final stand before the Earth falls as well.  The mission?  Defend Vision at all costs.

During the battle, Thanos focuses on the Mind Stone embedded in Vision’s forehead.  In an attempt to lure Thanos away, Vision leaves earth and they battle to the death in Space.  Vision ultimately dies.  Believing he has already caused irreparable damage to the planet, Thanos leaves Earth to pursue the ultimate power.

Meanwhile, a message from the cosmos arrives.  Guardians?  Adam Warlock?  Perhaps Carol Danvers?  My guess?  Carol Danvers will be responsible for the message.  She offers to unite with Earth for a final showdown with Thanos…  In space!  The heroes that are left prepare to avenge the Earth and save the universe.


Right… So now we have a bit of a problem.  The Universe is poised to crumble under the might of Thanos and the Infinity Stones.  But before the Infinity War ends, we have to see Captain Marvel’s debut and an Ant-Man follow up?

This is a tough one.  I remember when Captain America: The First Avenger debuted, Joss Whedon was already hard at work completing the first Avengers team up.  I found myself looking beyond Cap’s first outing because bigger films were on the horizon.

The second chapter of The Infinity War will cast an enormous shadow on two films that deserve their share of the spotlight.  Ant-Man and the Wasp is up first.  Even if the majority of Infinity War part 1 takes place in space (the opposite of what I predicted above) there will still be repercussions felt across the galaxy.  However, I believe Civil War has proven that Ant-Man belongs with The Avengers and I’m excited to see Pym particles return.  But…  The sequel will have to find a story that addresses the mayhem or…

…  Actually…  We’ll get back to that…

Captain Marvel has ties to Earth and to the cosmos and has the best chance of standing out.  I think Captain Marvel will appear in the first part of Infinity War.  Her role won’t be enormous but it will be vital.  When her movie begins, there will be no mention of the war.  She will be after a mysterious villain in search of the time Stone!  (See where I’m going here?)   At some point during Captain Marvel’s solo debut, we will learn the film is set long after the Infinity War concluded.

During the events of Captain Marvel, she will be forced to use the Time Stone to go back and make things right.  Little does she know, Thanos is ready for her arrival…


The final chapter.  The big one.  The end of three phases of planning and executing.  The 22nd film in an ever expanding shared universe.

Thanos has already attacked Earth leaving devastation in his wake.  Next he sets his sights on Xandar and The Power Stone the Nova Corps protect.  Meanwhile, Carol Danvers has arrived on Earth to unite the remaining Avengers.  She’s ashamed to be on Earth feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt when she sees the damage Thanos caused.

On Xandar, Thanos clashes with The Guardians of the Galaxy including his favorite daughter Gamora.  They aren’t alone.  Thor is there and he’s brought along his best buddy Hulk. After a vicious battle, Thanos places the power stone in his gauntlet.  Our heroes cling to the hope that the Time Stone will never be found.  Until Thanos reveals that he has it!  When Carol Danvers traveled back in time at the end of her film, Thanos was ready to strike.  He doesn’t defeat her but he did acquire the Time Stone.  Thanos’ fixation on Earth and it’s ultimate destruction was designed to manipulate Captain Marvel into using the Time Stone.  Getting his hands on the Infinity Stone is what inspires his quest in the first place.

Still with me?

This is where Thanos’ grand plan is finally revealed.  That’s why he sends The Mind Stone to Earth with Loki in the first place.  When the very first Iron Man happens, Thanos already has the Time Stone.  He’s already witnessed what needs to happen in order to attain all six Infinity Stones.  He knows he will get all six in the end so he has to be patient and allow time to pass.  He can’t interfere or risk changing his powerful future.  So the puppet master can sit back and watch his minions fail.  (We’ve all been wondering why he never decided to do it himself until Age of Ultron?  He didn’t have to.  He already knew what was going to happen.)

Now, he’s finally reached the present.  His Infinity Gauntlet is complete.  In this moment, Carol Danvers finally appears with the rest of The Avengers.  Every Earth based hero we’ve come to love over the years is there in addition to Thor, Hulk and The Guardians.  The entire MCU vs Thanos.

What happens next will be absolutely insane.  A massive battle that sees the end of many heroes.  Hulk will fall.  Thor will fall.  No one will be safe.  I believe it will come down to seven vs one.  Captain America, Carol Danvers, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora.  Each will do their part with Earth’s mightiest heroes leading the way.

Thanos will learn that it was fate for Earth to become entangled in his plot.  The remaining Avengers are instrumental in distracting Thanos long enough for Gamora to retrieve the Gauntlet.  It is Drax who lands the final blow (spoiler) as he does in the comics.

Thanos falls.

Gamora hands the Gauntlet to Carol Danvers who restores the universe.  Doing so brings back the heroes we lost.  The Earth is saved as well.

And so Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is completely reset.  Ready for the next super villain to emerge.  Who will that be?  I’m guessing the scene at the end of Infinity War Part 2 will be a MASSIVE surprise that kick starts Phase Four.

So…  What about Ant-Man and the Wasp?  The second end credit scene will feature the BEGINNING of the 2018 sequel.  Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place after the Infinity War and is revealed to be the first film of Phase Four!


Or I’m way off which is probably the case because I’m wrong about most things.  I just love Marvel movies.  I’m not even going to guess what they will be titled but feel free to add your two cents below!

What do you think The Avengers Infinity War will be about?

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